Every post of ours ever written, going right back to January 2008.

We made it to 12 years of urban blogging, with nearly one thousand posts, and well over 10,000 comments. Resisted over 20 million spam, and so far, have blocked about 30,000 spam addresses – that has to be good! Spam is coming thick and fast again these days – even in French, Russian, Japanese and Arabic these days – so if you are selling us handbags or dodgy medication, then you’ll be dumped into the spam queue and deleted pronto. If you can keep your links to just one link per post, you should get through no problem. Two or more links though, will send you straight to spam hell…

But unless someone steps up to the plate pronto, this is looking like it is the end.
Our first main writer, Maximus, lasted from 2008 until the end of 2014. Since then, Leviathan has been holding the fort, running out of puff in 2020, post-covid. Just quietly, we’re waiting on Captain Nemo to see if he wants to take up the batten / cudgel / squid sandwich that is the Eye of the Fish.

This is a tiny bit on who we are – click here.
But here is the archive – with the latest stuff first – now all up to date:


November 2020:
Nothingness They think its all over – it is now!

October 2020:
Adieu Levi bows out

September 2020:
Green school The bean pod that almost brought down a green government
Motu Kairangi An alternative vision for the Miramar Peninsula and the unpopular Shelly Bay subdivision
Farewell George Porter The tall, curiously wacky block in Arlington comes crashing down

August 2020:
Planning for Growth The start of the Draft Spatial Plan planning debacle
Megan Wraight Sadly, the best urban landscaper of our country leaves this mortal coil

July 2020:
3 options At long last, LGWM get off their fat arse and offer us, the public, some options. Here’s three of them
Golden Mile – the middle Here’s some more on the LGWM options – the bits in the middle
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Sergio Leone, Ennio Morocone, and some great films – that I spent Lockdown watching non-stop. Movie magic.
The LGWM MasterPlan Is there a plan, Stan? A master plan, man? Like when, and where, and god damn!
Library Talking about the Central Library…
Transform by Friday Voting on LGWM’s options close today at 5pm. Hurry!
Growing Wellington The first real discussion on the likely future of where Wellington will grow…

June 2020:
USA: Failed nation The problems of having a supreme dickhead in charge, instead of a leader
Nameless, Placeless, Timeless Statues of “famous” people? Who cares?! Topple away!
Going shopping Out of lock down and into the malls
Ghost ships Curious shipwrecks lie off the coast of New Zealand – in Wellington harbour!
Te Ara Tupua Cycling and walking path from Ngauranga to Petone – woo hoo!
Here A new architecture magazine pokes its head out into the world
Let’s Get Consultation Started Its been a long time coming, but at last, here we go…

May 2020:
Marketing Musing on the possibility of advertising and associated tie-ins
To Tourist or Not To Tourist That is the question….
Foster Forward I can’t even remember what we wrote here…
Farnsworth all at sea The iconic glass box, now afloat down the river
Central Library Impassioned discussions on the future of Wellington’s much loved Central library

April 2020:
LGWM chooses Pods At long last, on April 1st, a travel decision is made
Post-Covid world What is going to happen in the future?
Construction is an Essential Service An argument to get our building and transport contractors back to work
Onward Let’s go! Nothing will stop us now
RIP Home and Houses and Urbis First casualties are magazines, from Bauer Media and then BCI
Architecture NZ subscriptions please! AGM’s flagship magazine requests that people take out a subscription
Eat, Drink, and Be Takeaway We emerge from Level 4 lockdown and all NZ thinks of is a burger and fries. What a bunch of sad fuckers we are

March 2020: The month that the world almost comes to an end
My Corona I’ve got The Knack for updating old lyrics
New Porirua station A proposal out of the blue for a new Porirua
International Women’s Day Who’s your favourite woman architect?
Aurecon future for Wellington At long last, LGWM announces a team to look at traffic solutions
Everything changes The human world closes down very suddenly – but this website still goes on! I bet you’re happy about that
Time to think anew What will the new normal look like?
Lockdown: Tai Ho NZ decides its time to sit tight and try to save lives. Fingers crossed it works
A letter from the future An Italian warns us of how our cosseted world will change
Sound of Music Sing a song of Corona virus: high on a hill top there lived a lonely goat-herd…

February 2020:
Wuhan flu Musings on a bug that is affecting people far off – will it hit here?
Congestion “free”? “Free” ? Is that a misnomer or what?
Holden on, Holden gone The end of Aussie’s iconic car brand – who cares?
Parasite Oscar-winning film – commentary – with no Spoiler ending

January 2020:
Previewing the next decade Like the Greater Auckland blog, we look at the future of Greater Wellington
Our hopes for the 2020s What the Eye of the Fish wants for the future
New infrastructure What do we need to build?

December 2019:
Deadly dull housing Why are Napier’s new houses so damn boring?
New BNZ Yet another new building for the BNZ
111 Dixon Its a big building in Dixon St – why is it having so many issues?
Erskine A late December look at Erskine and the progress they’re making
Reviewing the decade Where have we got to after all this time?

November 2019:
Let’s Get Wellington Feedback Yet again, LGWM seeks our feedback. The Fish says: hurry up!
Let’s Get Wellington Flooding Heavy rain causes more havoc, of course, in Venice. But what would it do to Wellington?
Wellington 2030 The future is almost here. A vision of decrepitude from Karl du Fresne
A-frame fever Some people love the humble A-frame but these people clearly don’t
Crocodile bikes and peeps Celebrities left alone. That’s the way it should be
Queenstown A trip down south and I’m horrified by some of the really crap architecture down there. What happened to this formerly gorgeous town?

October 2019:
Tall Nemo announces the launch of a book “Tall: the Design and Construction of High-Rise Architecture”
New political landscape So, new Mayors around the region – all change please! And step up Andy Foster!
Clever Core The launch of the Fletcher Construction home prefabrication factory
Rapid Wellington We need Rapid Transit and we need it now
Airport Radical new big proposals for the Airport in Wellington
Pretty Awful in pink Really shit colour schemes spoil a waterfront building

September 2019:
More on Monark Having a closer look at the big proposal for Adelaide Road
KiwiBuild reset How did Phil Twyford get this all so wrong and what will happen now?
America’s Cup This technology is amazing – and racing at the edge of what is possible
To Tunnel? Or Not Two Tunnel? People still banging on about Mt Vic tunnels and
“Little Amsterdam of the South Pacific” Canals anyone? Rising sea levels?
Scootering along Discussing the pros and cons of the humble electric scooter

August 2019:
Lizarding or cockroaching Different ways that people occupy public open space
Forbidden behaviours In Italy, they’re getting annoyed with too many tourists doing too many bad things
Council voting Setting up the voting blocks for the future
New National Archives The first look at WAM’s proposed new Ark for the Ephemera of a nation
Council Elections Who to vote for and why
New sponsor for Stadium This one is sure to rise sky high
New apartment buildings a look at some of the many new proposals for apartment buildings in Wellington

July 2019:
Exploding Morandi The remains of the Morandi bridge in Genoa is demolished in a flash
Progress derailed A freak accident causes chaos in the capital
Scrap or Save? Debate over the future of the Wellington Central Library
Public Transport Network We start a detailed look at Wellington’s Public Transport
Heading South-East Through Newtown to the Zoo and Over to Kilbirnie
To the Airport The Public Transport route to the Airport itself
Starting at the Station How does the PT spine start off – and where?

June 2019:
Trackless trams are a waste of money Cos they all seem to go bankrupt
Residential and Earthquake Prone? If you’re both, then you’re stuffed
Marae fire Island Bay marae is toast
Insurance vs Building Why are insurance costs so high and what can we do about it?
Ugly? Fnugly! The Who, How, and Why of Ugliness
Taxi !! Personal transport options at their best and worst

May 2019:
Ngauranga, Horokiwi, Petone to Grenada Nowhere for a road – or a road to nowhere?
Soviet style apartments Is Shelly Bay really an ugly eyesore? Or were the Soviets badly maligned?
Wellington Library Is it falling down? No. So why is it closing down?
Planning for Growth Your Comments are being called for
Courtenay Central revamp Derelict and crumbling, or getting ready for the next big spruce-up?
New Transport solutions At long last, something is released from LGWM. Trouble is, no one knows quite what.
Bunnings flat pack Pop down your local DIY store and pick up a new house.

What IS a Library? The Fish examines what our Central Library building is.

Basin resolution from the Eye of the Fish Here’s what we think is really going to happen. Ready?

April 2019:
University changes name to ‘Eye of the Fish’ Self-explanatory post on 1st April
More realistic Taranaki St Far more sensible, realistic picture.
Horror scenarios? or just sensible options? Why are some people getting very excited?
Petone Grenada bites the dust Road = Expensive
Notre Dame Just watch your history burn France…. install sprinklers you pillocks!
Building Products and Methods Public chance to Comment – but no one cares
Old Town Hall Levi explains why it takes so long
Civic Square Levi can’t explain why it takes so long

March 2019:
Arrow The sudden but predictable death of Arrow International
Grenfell-ish Burning issues
Insurance means the Death of the Apartment Building Fairly self-explanatory example, I would have thought?
The sun also rises Life goes on. Get used to it.
Paddington on Taranaki A rather silly proposal goes on sale

February 2019:
How to “Mate” your building Faux pas or remarkably prescient?
Let’s Get Wellington Funded I’m bored with waiting. What is taking so long!?!
insitu conference 2019 NZIA conference in Auckland – enjoyable
Travel by Train Slow and steady wins every time
120mm Insulation

January 2019:
Reading too much into it? Courtenay Central eventual rebuildable
Heritage areas and new hotels Particularly in Napier
Rail Ferries and Ferry Terminals and such things
Who runs KiwiBuild? I’m not sure there is an answer to that question

December 2018:
Merry Christmas 2018 Good bye !?!

November 2018:
North Kumutoto The last empty building site on North Kumutoto – is it any good?
Armistice Day 100 years ago, to the day, the Great War ended
Swan Lane and Garrett Street Council open up discussion over possible laneway action around Swan Lane
Space Syntax of Swan Lane Space Syntax diagrams showing connections are enhanced
Arena for sure?! The Regional Council and the City Council and the Ferries clearly are not talking with each other…

October 2018:
New office buildings There are a couple of new office buildings proposed for Wellington – here’s one
Other uses for an ex-BNZ? Officially it is proposed to be demolished. Is that really the best use for the BNZ?
Press Hall Another mini-masterpiece from Maurice Clark
Scoot Riding city streets on tiny wheels
The Prince of Pukeahu Park Some royal dink and his bint. Media psychophants make me sick.
Halloween special Boo! Scared you!

September 2018:
NLTP – Wellington National Land Transport Plan – you know you really want to read it all
Te Ngakau Civic Square Our civic square needs work
The Block In which Levi comes to the support of “the Boys” on the Block
Does more housing = eco-city? To come
2018 Timber Design Award winners Some pretty perfect timber buildings winning awards
I Like to move it, move it We are all waiting for Lets Get Welly Moving – but still, nothing. Levi gives them a prod.
We like to: Move It! And yet more prodding. Ye Gods, they are slow!

August 2018:
End of an Ebert Yet another big builder bites the dust – did Ebert deserve to die?
Victoria, move your comma Idiocy at the University knows no bounds. They don’t even know what to call themselves
Off the buses A small comment: GWRC cocks up the entire Wellington Bus system. Sack the lot of them!
Rebirth of the Matrix homes? Why has Matrix Homes gone bust and what will become of them?
Matrix goes to Takapu Island Perhaps they will all reappear next to the railway line at Countdown?
Greytown What the hell did I write about Greytown?
Genoa’s autostrada sopraelevata Monstrous calamity as the bridge collapses and rains down terror on the people of Genoa
Lack of structural redundancy In a world-first exclusive, Levi solves the puzzle of why the bridge fell
Friday colour A picture. In colour. On a Friday.
Arlington – next phase WCC housing – one down, more to come!

July 2018:
Kiwibuild Is it working? Will Kiwibuild save the world?
Bus revamp Possibly the worst bus revamp ever?
Eye eye eye, what’s this? Strange googley eyes on the footpath
Skyscraper Tall building – silly film!
Exit the Matrix Another prefab builder bites the dust!

June 2018:
Ministry of Housing A new Ministry for Housing made up of bits of old Ministries
Fireball One year on from Grenfell, NZ publishes some lists – and keeps them private
Te Kanohi o Te Ika We have always been the true Eye of the Fish of Maui
Mack twice Mackintosh School of Art burns down for a second time
School gates: solution Apparently we have a solution to gates at school!
Milan Mrkusich (1925-2018) Chromatic Investigator He dead. Sad to hear about that.
Survey on Heritage Take this survey – talk about heritage buildings

May 2018:
Strengthen ! Good news for another select few properties to be strengthened
Embassy down the Basin At long last, the Chinese embassy plans for the Basin are unveiled
New State (houses) Labour announce plans to build their way out of the crisis
Republic revolution Royal weddings and electric Jaguars
Timber thingee Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a shelter? No, its just a timber thingee down near site 10

April 2018:
Architecture Library Auckland University decides to end it all and close down the Library
Light Rail Seriously: Light Rail IS the best answer for Wellington
Karori Teachers College – Rymans on path to Destruction Bill Toomath’s masterpiece in Karori is threatened with demolition
Sea Level rise How much of a difference will it make to you and me?
David Mitchell Dave departs to the giant rowboat in the sky

March 2018:
Rapid Transit Some world city Transit maps for you to watch
Prefab Ready for Prefab? Going to CoLab?
Overbridge An overbridge in Miami collapses, spectacularly, killing innocent people

February 2018:
Learning from Las Aucklandas Bring me the head of this idiotic mess in Auckland
Waitangi Time for a basic human right: affordable housing?
No bridge nor tunnel Idiotic proposal to bridge or tunnel under Cook Strait. Just: NO
PWC site 10 The new building really is taking place – is it any good?
Bill English: good bye A not very fond farewell to a boring man
Fletcher New Zealand’s biggest builder really screws up
Hashigo Zake The saga of the neighbour and the downtown bar
Gita Former tropical storm Gita – that was a hurricane!

January 2018:
Going up and coming down Stats, Defence and Kenepuru welcome us back to the new year. Amazingly, we’re still going.
New ferry terminal Proposals for a new ferry terminal in Wellington
Transitional “housing” Housing? Really shitty ugly tiny boxes!
Tangiwai A beautiful memorial to a horrible incident
Hot hot hot This is Climate change – Wellington boils happily to death

December 2017:
Rebel forces Star Wars: the Last Jedi – reviewed
Merry Christmas a lacklustre end to an exhausting year. Not sure – will we be back next year? At this rate, unlikely!

November 2017:
Down South Will too many tourists destroy New Zealand? Or are we perfectly capable of doing it ourselves?
Tourism Architecture van Brandenburg and the proposition for Dunedin
The Magic Roundabout Let’s Get Wellington Moving – round and round the Basin Reserve roundabout

October 2017:
Blade Runner The original movie, reviewed
Blade Runner 2049 The new movie, reviewed
When architects go Rogue – allegedly! A rare occurrence of an architect behaving badly?

September 2017:
The beginning of the End? For the first time ever, Eye of the Fish failed to post a single article in September. Can we keep going till the end of the year and gracefully retire then? Or will we struggle on….?

August 2017:
Venice returns to Aotearoa Future Islands float off shore
Timber! The tallest timber office building in the world, ever!

July 2017:
If only A short video from Teeks, set in Art Deco Napier
New blogs for Wellington Better blogs than this tired old thing!
Feeling Dizney? It’s all gone a bit Pete Tong…
Matterhorn Sad news as my favourite bar is due to close

June 2017:
Conversions Turning old office blocks into new apartment buildings – good idea or not?
Fire The horrific and tragic case of Grenfell House
Waterfront Chapter 9 A building proposed for Site Nine – what do you think?
Housing Taskforce Wellington City Council set up a Housing Task Force

May 2017:
We need to speak about Shelly Shelly Bay, that is.
Anvil House Anvil House
Mount Victoria Peter Beaven saves the World, much quicker than Superman
Wellington 2017 NZIA Awards Pretty sure this is about the Awards night
He Tohu A lovely little jewel box for the Treaty of Waitangi
New Arena Once more: talk of a new Arena for Wellington.

April 2017:
Island Bay Cycleway to be replaced by angle parking for 4WD vehicles You KNOW it’s going to come true one day…
Tory Street opportunities There’s a bit of a gap there now the car park has gone…
Strengthening in action Giant braced frames going in on Rostrevor House
We need to speak about Courtenay Courtenay Central – what a dump! But is there hope for something more?

March 2017:
Streets with some names MBIE orders parapets to be strengthened on these streets
Defenseless building Shock! Awe! Building to come down!
XX: CQ: 1 That big new diagonal grid building on Customhouse Quay
Gone Baby Gone The Reading Car Park building has gone away
Getting a Move on Let’s Get Welly Moving
Lada Hrsak on looking at the world through the Eye of the Fish A visitor from the outside world, in my bubble
Honouring the social contract: Wellington setting example for fresh water management Water. Right?
Cuba Dupa transforms the street The 2017 Cuba Dupa went off rather well, i thought? And you?

February 2017:
1877 A map. All over again?
State House That clever sculpture in Auckland
Summer! Seriously – its almost summer! And its almost over!
New Wellington housing Proposals for Arlington and more

January 2017:
Rogue review Star Wars films – again – its just like 1977 all over again!
Leaning Tower of Rongotai Control Tower excitement
Beach Life Douglas Lloyd Jenkins book – a review
Drumplestiltskin Tower More vulgarity than you could throw a stick at
One Year hurry up for Cuba Street The Council gets real and gets tough
A piece of cake President Dick steals everything, even plastic cakes
Wall Brilliance from the Mexicans – a film! Uno cine!
Slums and the spreading Plague Is a Slum the real answer to Auckland’s housing woes?


December 2016:
Centreport: the sea gives and the sea takes away Water, boats, and sinking sands – the sad tale of Centreport
Too soon? : Delayed reflection on Wellington’s rapid reopening Dedalus’s first (and only?) piece, writing about the November quake
The birth and death of ICI: 61 Molesworth The first major building demolition after the November quake
Outta here ! Time for a summer holiday!

November 2016:
Executive subdivisions in Newlands Well, “executive” should have been in quote marks…
Hotels springing up like weeds Has Wellington got enough hotels? Want more? You got ’em!
Baseball caps and black shirts Dickheads on the rise in the USA. Dickhead in chief leads the way!
Les vainqueuers francais Oh those Frenchies!
Roger Walker: Britten House There is only one Roger Walker – and only one Britten House
Getting off lightly The Kaikoura quake causes massive damage down south, but up here, not so much?
Hero Engineers Architects sit and ponder – engineers get out and do the hard yards
NO Red Zone Levi feels very strongly about this!
Chase – the demolition Chase buildings were rubbish when they went up – and now some of them may be coming down
Streetsblog A link to the great StreetsBlog website

October 2016:
Hello Justin Justin Lester is now the new Mayor of Wellington
Rewi Thompson RIP Gone far too soon – Rewi passes away
Mansions of the Gods Trip down memory lane hand in hand with Asterix and Obelix
Ben Schrader and the Big Smoke Book Review of Schrader’s new history of NZ’s urban-ness

September 2016:
Four way stop Corner of Cuba and Abel Smith – traffic lights? Surely not?
Balancing Bungy Chris Kelly gets wild and Wellington gets a proposal that blows us away
London’s burning Beyond artistic – it is wild fire! Burn the city (model) down!
Regional Councillors and Health Boards The most boring post ever, on the most boring subject, about the most boring people ever
Farewell Celia After 2 terms as Mayor, Celia Wade-Brown calls it Quits

August 2016:
Wellington Mayoralty The race is on, but there are some non-starters
Erskine Old catholic school in Island Bay gets a bizarre rebuild proposal
Movie Museum Fairly self-explanatory really, this one is about a Movie Museum

July 2016:
The Competition Description
Housing Crisis solved Solved? Really? Or just a bizarre theory?
The New Zealand Home Great subject, crap TV program
Death to all weasels The four-legged furry kind I mean…

June 2016:
National Policy Statement on Housing I don’t really understand the point of these Policy Statements – do you?
Maurice Clark ONZM There is only one Maurice Clark!

May 2016:
The Cetacean lives on Eye of the Fish is not dead. Not quite. Still kicking / flippers flapping
Get Welly Moving a new move by WCC, NZTA, and GWRC trying to solve the traffic issues
Standing on a corner, suitcase in my hand Three buildings on the corner of Karo Drive
Revitalising Te Aro Private enterprise gets going where Council won’t go

April 2016:

Pukeahu Park design confirmed Self-evident really?
Zaha no more? The death of Zaha Hadid – surely not?!
Prince And now Prince? What is happening to the world!?!?

March 2016:
High-Rise A film is a-coming….
Skye Duncan – global city goddess This kiwi is flying high, solving the world’s traffic problems, one at a time

February 2016:
Keep an eye on this Keep an eye on this
Shift Design – Tanzania Group of young clever things go off to Africa to do good

January 2016:
Kundig Tom Kundig comes to town and woos the City Gallery audience


December 2015:
Film Museum + Convention Centre = Win !! There is a new proposal in town
Gordon Wilson flats Gonna knock them down!

November 2015:
Grand Design indeed Nick Ballara and that amazing building hanging off a cliff
Gold medal Gardyne Stuart gets a gong
New Zealand’s best building Stevens Lawson and that iconic Iona building
Pyramids or Grain Stores? Presidential candidate loses the plot
Spatial Excellence What a silly phrase…
Shipping forecast What the heck is this one about?

October 2015:
Airport hotel Plans are unveiled for a hotel at the Airport.
Back to the Future Is today the day?
Zealandia Did the building sink the park?

September 2015:
Flag: pants President Key presents NZ with 4 flag options, of which 3 are identical. Doesn’t seem to go down well with the population
Housing refugees Johnny doesn’t want more refugees. 750 per year. Pathetic.
New concentration on housing Poor writing about Johnsonville
Architecture Week Did you know it was on? Clearly, I didn’t!
Arise Queen Zaha a well-deserved Gold Medal from the RIBA
Arlington Big changes for the former social housing centre of Wellington

August 2015:
Bus routes – but where? Discussion on proposed bus routes
Bus route options Examining bus routes more closely
Now THIS is what I call a PT increase in Patronage Official figures seem to be wrong. What would real success look like?
In Memoriam: Robert McGregor Guest post, farewelling the man behind the Art Deco resurgence in Napier
Fishing for King Salmon at the Basin Bridge Legal things arising from the Basin Bridge appeal
Basin Bridge: the alternatives What should NZTA do now?

July 2015:
More on Customhouse Quay Helpful details from the architects
University to demolish apartments? Gordon Wilson flats to go? Which ones are they again?
Using Architecture to sell cars Audi, Hyundai, etc
150-years-old Wellington birthday – very old!

June 2015:
Architectural Criticism – the Eye of the Fish needs new blood Self-explanatory request, ignored by all
Infill housing Ian Cassells and some proposals
Wellington office building The replacement for BP House
Government does something right, at last In my opinion, anyway
An alternative cycle route Levi redesigns the city as NZTA/WCC are incapable

May 2015:
Strengthening relaxed Relaxed? Or Hurried up? Its hard to tell
New Zealand cut off from Capital Small weather report on large weather
2001-in-2015 Can’t find it !!

April 2015:
NZTA beats Salvation Army to buy old State houses Some weird goings on in the world of housing
Long term plan Helene Ritchie uses the Fish to find Answers
ANZAC commemoration Whose memorial should be at Pukeahu first?
NSFJK Not safe for John Key – caution: spoiler alert! Ponytails!

March 2015:
End of the Golden Weather? What a nice summer we had. Now: rain
NZTA roads explained Some really good simple maps to show you where the new roads are proposed to go
On architects and mighty kauri trees Shameful Auckland actions on trees
Healthy Homes Amendment Bill Debatable
Pukeahu opens with dawn service Park. Open. Rain. Fall.
Uber super Cuba Dupa but weather is a party pooper Rain on our parade

February 2015:
Short on Space? The best picture ever. Take my word on it…
Flagging a new country A puerile debate over the colours of our flag
Ugly Auckland Convention Centre Can’t find it
Time to get ugly? Politicians and dumb comments go together like fish and chips

January 2015:
New Transport group forming Well, they formed, but then what happened to them?
Mystery beach location No hints – its a mystery!
Ath lives on A short eulogy to Ian Athfield
RMA vs Affordable housing No


December 2014: Where Leviathan stepped in to take over…
Le poisson est mort, vive le poisson! Contrary to opinions, we did not actually just curl up and die when Maximus left town
Where’s this ancient ruin? Aztec pyramids? Egyptian tombs? No, its…
Makara An answer to a previous post
Site 10 Public notification on the Site 10 building on the waterfront
Roof light Lightweight metal roof in Pukeahu Park
Merry Fishmas It’s Christmas again, and we went on holiday once more
Convention Centre debacle Only to get rudely pulled back to discuss a new Convention Centre
Arise, Sir Ath And some quick celebrations of a gong for Ath, just in time, because he didn’t have long to go…

November 2014:
Extended Tea-break The one where Max got bored, and stopped talking to everyone. And then he left, never to be seen again? That appears to be the end of the reign of Maximus. Was his name really Maximus Aurelius? or did he just have a really large Gluteus Maximus? I guess now we will never know…

October 2014:
Cecile Bonnifait and the women of Architecture Atelier Workshop is in touch with its feminine side
Is Bill English as stupid as Jonny English? Short answer: yes
Pigeons Birds paper over the cracks
Rising Damp What if the tide came in, and never went out again?
Santa’s little finger The curious tale of the finger that wagged in the night
Portico Time’s up for the giant black breadbox! Choppity-chop!
More pigeons They’re breeding, watch out…
Chris Moller’s Grand Designs Brilliant marketing, to hire motor-mouth Moller, but will the client get a word in edgeways?

September 2014:
Arras underpass And we’re off, racing this time… through the Arras tunnel underpass
SHA Special Housing Areas
SHA – Kilbirnie Special Housing Areas in Kilbirnie – pointless or not?
SHA – Central Special Housing Areas in central Wellington – and really, isn’t that all a bit too bloody pointless for words?
Election 2014 Politics, and National hold the fort, against a weakening Labour
Spy vs spy Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics comes out, and it seems that most National voters think that scummy dirty tricks are just fine by them
This changes nothing It was a cold, wet day in September, and the clocks were striking thirteen
Double flyover planned? Yet another cock-up by the DomPost, or just a Freudian slip?
Fresh start Max tries to look at the world, and politics, anew, have a fresh start, clean out the spark-plugs, etc, but not sure it really helps
Venice Famous lawyer marries 2-bit actor in Byzantine water-city, and Max takes out the trash

August 2014:
Buildings on Walkabout No, uvo. Nu ovo ? Running away, cheeky little chappie….
Convention Centre Commentary on Convention Centre confusion
Wellington – world’s most liveable city? Is that a question, or a statement? You tell me….
Slaters in the woodwork New Zealand’s scum-blogger has his evil doings exposed for all to see
Dunajtschik’s dangling dingleberries Yet another bite of the cherry that is the Harcourts building
Lux deluxe The waterfront lighting show that really blows you away
Bikes I think that this article must be all about Bicycles. Just a guess really…

July 2014:
The Architecture of an Islamic Caliphate Islamic State – no friend of architecture or of anything really…
On film On a film i did see recently, with a whole lot of monkeys going on…
Heritage Idol – really? heritage ? idol ? REALLY ?
Surprise surprise, the answer is a Flyover Maximus is a smart-arse and thinks the Fish can tell the future
Surprise, surprise, SURPRISE: the answer is NOT a flyover! That’s what happens to smart-arses – they get proved wrong…
$465 million of investment? A rant against the childish outcries of a silly man
Noisy city living Seriously, how many times do you need to collect the rubbish at 4am?
TV shows beggar belief “Your house for Under 100k” – or as I like to call it – “Without a Clue…”

June 2014:
Resene FilmFest – Sunday 1 June The 3rd Resene Film Fest continued on…
Boffa Miskell A rare honour for Landscape Architecture
Old Museum New? Massey / Old Dominion Museum to become a Military Museum?
Green Screens and the Presence of the Void The End for the Basin Bridge Inquiry, and some of the really weird things it threw up. In fact, a lot of people threw up.
Groin Screens and the Presents of the Droid Armageddon weirdness
Greeting Scenes at the Pleasantness of Druids Stonehenge Visitors Centre by Denton Corker Marshall
Whitireia’s keen on the Presence in the Mall Proposal for a new university building in Cuba Street
Feilding scenes and the Pakeha in the Butter-Churn Pakeha Brand Butter, scooped from obscurity in Feilding and little old Rongotea
Convention Centre and the presence of the Hilton Well, there is this Hilton, right? And a Convention Centre. And…
Post-industrial dildo Slightly risque, but nothing we haven’t seen before
Keen sheen and the presence to Avoid A mystery village that turns out to be Raetihi after all

May 2014:
Ceci n’est pas une logo No, April hasn’t started yet
Dunajtschik demolition a done deal? Harcourts building again? When will the madness stop?!
Buses Some discussion on Buses
Creche The Creche of Compassion about to move
Creche moved Blow me down, you blink and you miss it – they moved it!
Glasgow School of Art burns down Tragic day for architecture
Resene FilmFest 2014 The 3rd Resene Film Fest starts. Well done you!
Resene FilmFest – Thursday 29 May The title says it all really…
Resene FilmFest – Friday 30 May The title says it all really…
Resene FilmFest – Saturday 31 May The title says it all really…

April 2014:
A exclusive A mystery boat enters the harbour. Could it be…?
Toomath, Cheshire, Home of the Year, and Kiwi Dundee Several things happening this week
Trenching Vivian What would happen if we tried to tunnel under Vivian Street – or trench through it?
Kumutoto views You know those sacred views from Kumutoto that some people keep banging on about?
Tight squeeze Wind turbine bits wind their way towards the final destination
Easter bunny No, April hasn’t started yet
Clarification on waterfront leases Councilor Andy Foster writes to clarify something
One Year to go War Memorial Park – the countdown starts in earnest
Trains Trains. Comes before Planes and Automobiles in my book really. Someone should make a film about it.

March 2014:
Horokiwi Max explores the other side of the hill and ventures into Horokiwi
Wellington Lament – I mean Holiday Erentz returns and shreds the WCC’s 8-point plan to pieces
Sutch prophetic words Bill Sutch had it right all along, with analysis of Wellington motorway blues
Traffic Improvements Indications of 3-laning Vivian Street
Off your trolley The End of Trolleybuses – or not?
Donald’s deathly dullness Boring developer dross by the Oriental Parade waterfront

February 2014:
Denny’s – always open Sav returns with another cracker of an article on Denniston Plateau
All hell breaks loose Max returns and the world has all gone mad
$60m in isolation So, the Town Hall needs strengthening – what are the issues?
Understanding the city Minimus stages a return to form with a fantastic round up of tech tools available for city analysis
Takapu Valley We venture up the highway to find the source of the Nile, or at least a Bypass to Transmission Gully
NZTA’s murky obfuscation We get very confused over what road is meant to go where on the Link Road to Transmission Gully
NZTA’s much clearer now, but the reality is even worse A fuller analysis of what link roads are going where at the start of Transmission Gully

January 2014:
Holiday Max declares that the Fish is on holiday
Bach First post by newcomer Gloria, on dream beach-side houses…
Pop-up Pods Second post by Gloria, on some curious containers arriving on the waterfront
Site 10 again Kumutoto Site 10 – third time lucky for developers?
New fuel! We take you back to the day they discovered petrol


December 2013:
O No Sunbathing In which we find curious animations of people bathing in black light beneath an overbridge. Whatever for, we wonder?
Hutt The birth of the Lower Hutt Posse
Mandela Nelson Mandela dies, and truly – the world seems to mourn.
Hutt Halls The horticultual halls of Lower Hutt are proposed for demolition – does anyone care?
Everybody knows Review of Leonard Cohen’s concert, on his (possibly) last tour in NZ
Yuletide fishing Happy holidays to you all, and a farewell of sorts

November 2013:
Transmission Oh no, the Gully project is back to life!
Logo A yellow square and a white cross. Some people lose the plot
O No Logo! More stories about buildings and food. No, hold on, that’s not it – More logos, in case we need an alternative
O No Kumutoto! Thought you’d seen the last of the proposals for Kumutoto? Think again! Heeeeer’s Johnny!

October 2013:
Spine Studies More discussion on public transport spine studies
FJMT + AM x AAG = WAF 2013 1!!! Best building in the World, ever!
Results Election night – and Celia Wade-Brown is back in
Shoddy Badly made
luminaries About a book
Lou Reed Mr Gravelly-Voice dies

September 2013:
Congestion choking Is traffic congestion getting worse or better in Wellington?
Spend $8million Come on: Eight mill to spend. What’s a good use of that John? Pike River versus a Referendum?
Hastings sprawl City of Orchards – what is the point of that?
Foiled again America’s Cup – the cats up on the hydrofoils!
Small ships Other ships, including some that started things off.
Spine Study Some comments on the Transport Spine study

August 2013:
EQ2000 Wibble wobble, and they all fall down. Or not, actually.
T2 vs Avatar Films from the 80s are soooooo much better than today’s dross. James Cameron, take note!
Good news A gay old look at the Canterbury Earthquake Commission’s findings.
Smelter The Whole Earth Catalogue sorts out the bread form the cheese when it comes to smelting
Annunciation Holy of holies, Maximus gets all religious on us and has an epiphany. Or some kind of fanny.
What is wrong with this picture? A house in Seddon collapses – not really any surprise why
Egypt, Libya, Egypt again Total breakdown of civilisation in the middle-East, with looting and destruction of ancient artefacts
Sugartree The rebirth of the Auckland apartment market?Or just another crappy con-job?
Petone hotel An odd design, by an even odder designer

July 2013:
Casino Royale (with cheese) The construction of Il Casino Apartments
Super or not? Supermarket in Ghuznee St, or not? Not super seems to be the answer
WAM – Ban, No thank you man minimus writes on the unfortunate case of the soggy Christchurch cardboard cathedral
Stand up comedy Debating the merits of the new Basin Reserve Stand
Earthquake: over-reaction Wellington has an earthquake, which was not the end of the world, despite the way the media reported it
Liftshaft But it was the start of the end for my favourite lift shaft.
School of Archaus Archaus overextends its remit, and flexes its ego.

June 2013:
Counting cranes The cranes ariseth on 3 large apartment buildings in Wellington: Elevate, Market Lane, and Clyde Quay
googleplexing The one where we thought that Auckland had been singled out for world-breaking new software
Mall Does Wellington need new Malls? No, we thought not…
$300 million airport extension and Light Rail for free with every second Mt Vic tunnel built An idea of magnificent brilliance, given to the city for free
Basin Pavilion and Spine Study And the Outcome is: Buses. Sign. Yes, again.
Storm Spot of weather to ruffle your hair-do.
Unreal Estate Awful hyperbole, and not for executives
Auckland Rail Link Len Brown wins a big concession from Government. Not a Loop. Don’t call it a Loop.

May 2013:
Bump My favourite startled pedestrian experience – or, if you prefer it, a near-miss, near-death experience
Future Wellington Is the construction industry really prepared for the coming onslaught?
Housing Bill English and a drippy, piddly budget
Incompetence Pure incompetence from our government, featuring crap housing for Canterbury
Halfway House Sav writes again, on the mystery old house at Glenside, on route to Tawa

April 2013:
Flyover for Lambton Quay Tongue in cheek? Who me? Why never! Perfectly feasible, you’ll see…
Buildup The future is this: Big cranes: small houses. Put them together, and you have: Prefab!
St Gerard’s Monastery doesn’t want to go it alone any more
Spooks Spy. Spies. I Spy a farce coming on.
Urban Explosions Musing on the Boston bombing
Nerdfest! Makertorium! Most fun I’ve had for years!

March 2013:
Endless summer The coming end of the best summer that Wellington has had for ten million years – no exaggeration.
Habemus Papem New popes don’t happen that often. And never to women. Good thing that we are just fish then….
Countdown to Countdown On a new supermarket in the central city
Auspicious Sites: Wellington Chest Hospital at Alexandra Road Simon Wu writes his inaugural piece with a self-evident title and it gets very well received
Flyover vote Erentz comments on the closeness and the futility of alternatives to the impending flyover, now that Andy Foster took a dive

February 2013:
Life without cars… or maybe a boat? Sav writes – hooray !
The Boy Who Cried Wolf The tsunami that never happened – and never does?
Mainzeal We blinked – and suddenly, one day, it wasn’t there. Whither Mainzeal? Mainzeal withers!
New WCC Website Hooray! The ugly grey has gone – now we have yellow!
Casino A bit to offend everyone. The Pope, Gambling, and Dodgy Art
Demolition not the Answer For Harcourts building at least, it is not.
Harcourt’s Decision The final words from the Commissioners

January 2013:
2013 – still here! We came back. And kept writing.
Bus stop What all the best dressed stops are wearing – Ohiro Rd rules!@
Pigeons and whales Big dead fish and flying rats
Meh portico The entrance to Wellington’s public square

December 2012:
100,000 homes x 10 years = ?? Labour’s proposal for more housing. Just where would they go?
12.12.12 @ 12.12 Numerology. And land prices / house prices
Motorway patrol Erentz writes on the progress of Memorial Park underpass
Summertime and the Fishing is Easy Fish are jumping, and the cotton is high…

November 2012:
Square Wellington waterfront public square
Obama On which the 44th president of the USA got re-elected
kina Small, spiky, friendly creatures, or 8 tonne concrete blobs?
Umbrellas On a windless day, when the sky is full of colour
“I don’t even miss it” Thoughts on Christchurch
Under Hill The one where the small halfling with the hairy feet goes off on an adventure!
Where the #$%& are the bike lanes already? this title, surely, is pretty self-evident
Premiere Hobbit film: Part 1
Andy Foster writes Councilor Andy Foster writes to the Fish about cycle lanes

October 2012:
Dunajtschik demolition Local developer Mark Dunajtschik with his proposal to demolish a listed heritage building – what to do about demolition?
Moore turret Moore Wilson has sprouted a new black tower. What’s in it?
Seaside sunshine Sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the tide slip away…. at Paramata
More Dunajtschik Heritage building, or demolition?
Productivity The Productivity Commission

September 2012:
Fashion squeak A jaunt up north to sample the delights of handbagging…
Green Roof Can’t get much more carbon neutral than this baby…
Scarry The excitable Dr John Scarry gives the world the benefit of his knowledge…
Hobbits The inside of Bag End, for starters…
Kelly Spencer rocks the Fish We give ourselves a new look!
Landmelt Apple iOS6 replans the known world
Drop, Cover, Hold Earthquake practice day
Prison Shop Countdown in Tawa! Apparently….
Dot Com for PM Fatboy slim rocks the national Party!

August 2012:
Oil Its all about the Carbon. Pretty simple really – so why don’t people get it?
CTV Dissecting the collapse in Christchurch
You want Flys with that? Flyover predicted at the Basin
Surprise! It’s Option A! Oooh, look, yes: we were right. Somehow, that doesn’t really please me
Mars Roll over Rover! Now play dead! Is there life up here?
Canterbury Tales More on Christchurch
Rain Miserable weather, beautiful picture
Two Tunnels too Second Mt Victoria tunnel

July 2012:
Caketin – glassy or spikey? Other cladding options unveiled for Wellington’s iconic sportsground
Rebuild Christchurch Cathedral Obvious thing to do really – why does the bishop resist so terribly?
Something for the Weekend Actually, mostly about our small flippered friend
Neo-Gothic: the Dark Knight Rises The Dark Knight rising from the south is in fact James Carr and his wondrous imagination
The Block is Schlock Local version of bad TV program – basically, it is crap
National Poetry Day – and Maori Language Week Two unpopular things in one post?
In praise of… Roof Top bars In which Max says there is only one way to improve a roof-top bar…
Christchurch Green-print 100 day plan announced, and what foes it mean?

June 2012:
Knees up Celebration for the Queen, Country, all on the river Thames. Gongs all round! Here’s one for you Philip!
End of Term Cartoons, 850 years into the future. Nothing has changed
Market driven The one where Max gets it all wrong about Markets
Leaking schools This one is about schools. Leaking. Shouldn’t be happening really
Mourn for Maymorn New suburb: new writer!
Solstice What a modern druid does on a day off
Caketin gets tupperware New cladding options unveiled for Wellington’s iconic sportsground

May 2012:
Light Rail, Heavy Rail, Monorail Long awaited public transport report is published and discussed
Not Pods nor Mini-buses Some dissection of the unlikely transport options (not) for Wellington
wiggly A white snakes wiggles along Tory St
Never go back Maximus returns to the roots of the past and does not like it

April 2012:
National War Memorial “Earthquake-prone”: Demolition? Far too close to the truth to be amusing it seems…
Leunig Well, I like it, even if you didn’t!
Pod on Legs A sales box rises on Taranaki St, but selling what?
Architects hold their breath Underwater women succeed to new depths
Cathedral Squares Just what is it with the obstinacy of the southern bishop? And some lovely pix through history, of buildings that their bishops did not knock down…
Shed 5 swims with the fishes now… Aquarium below decks, and fish restaurant above board? Which direction? One Direction!
Waterfront Watch Wins Waterfront War Environment Court throws out Council’s Variation 11

March 2012:
Waterloo to Kumutoto A proposal on site 10 in Kumutoto
Water ship down Where is the view at Kumutoto? – oh, and how cute! A bunny!
Reasons to be cheerful Stormy weather and gorgeous sunsets
Super Ministry Stephen Joyce rebuilds the world in his image

February 2012:
It’s that time of the year again… Sevens: drunken tits and rugby
Quake Final Expert Panel Report In which expert engineers explain why it all fell down in Christchurch
Tuhoe nation freedom-fighters, or just dickheads? Operation 8 – viewed from the outside
Wellington, we have a problem Our city faces a strong threat of Mass Demolition
Licensed Building Practitioners New Law comes into play this week, and already it is seen as faulty

January 2012:
CAPaTheticAL Minimus returns, and muses on Canberra
Farewell Blanket Man Ben Hana checks out, and various commentators grumble at the fuss. Why not? We like him! He’s more interesting than Sean Plunkett or Rosemary McLeod..
Year of the Dragon Chinese New Year and all that – but its a WATER Dragon this year. Hooray!
In praise of… a Red Light district Slightly dodgy post talking about brothels. But then that is only suitable given the topic…
Lanterns of the Cross Short post. Nice lanterns. Nuff said.
Life inside a train station Hugo. A film. v Good!

December 2011:
Gone Fishing Again A merry Christmas wish for you, and maybe a resignation for Max?
Calling New Writers! Pretty much what it says – we need your writing talents to keep this going
When a City Falls… The documentary on Christchurch’s earthquakes, that you really should go and see…

November 2011:
Yawn of the Dead A curious mashup, of Michael Jackson, Zombies, and Winston Peters. Well, I thought it was funny, anyway….
Cuba cuticle Accommodating nails container for Cuba St
Metropolis The greatest film that ever was, now with extra flavouring

October 2011:
Whither Cuba What is to be done with our favourite street? No, really?
Occupy, umm, something In which clueless people protest about something, not quite sure what, other than that the world is intrinsicly unfair. Yeah, tell us something we don’t already know. Then go home and have a wash.
Insanely Great America’s last man who knows what the fuck he is doing, dies.
Option X A basin alternative, outlined.

September 2011:
Wellingtons flyover to nowhere Erentz writes his first column, a thoughtful appraisal of the transport issues
Introducing a new writer Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you: Erentz!
Seatoun wails A School in Seatoun reclads
Parking Day Carparks, minus tarmac, equal open space.
Te Aro cinema Is the rumour true? Will Te Aro become worth living for after all?
Rugby Hookers Rugby breeds, prostitution
Tall tales tell all Bus Station building, vs Design Excellence: Rethink please.

August 2011:
Double Banger Are there plans for TWO flyovers at the basin?
Antipodean Yuletide Felicitations It’s Christmas downunder, so party like it’s $19.99
Life’s a riot Suddenly, Britain erupts into riots. Is it just the hot weather?
SOM or SOS Tall building issues? Call the Experts!
Upper Hutt, where dreams don’t come true Time for a very nicely crafted video on the merits of our northern region
Ban the Cathedral Shigeru Ban’s proposal to create a cardboard cathedral

July 2011:
Joyce/Key infrastructure Here’s the calculation on how to calculate the road costs
RIP Amy Amy Winehouse dies, sadly predictably
Would you like Grandstands with that? Proposals for a Grandstand seem to lack a little forethought – we take a look
Grandstanding Proposals emerge of a shady deal between NZTA and the Basin Reserve Trust
A Viable Arch Centre Alternative? Finally we get to see the community fighting back against NZTA’s Basin scheme.
Nocturnal Saxophony Late last night someone played the saxophone – it was great
Boulevards A place to walk, to stretch your legs, to be noticed
Other side of the Mountain In which we start to explore the motorway through the edge of the Town Belt
Plans for the Basin NZTA unveil their two “options” for the Basin Reserve flyover

June 2011:
Laneways Can we expand the Opera House Lane to be a nice, fun, welcome place?
Triangular Parks WGTN2040 has proposed a few triangular parks – as have we! Like minds!
Waka Kotahi Waka means transport – not just a Ministry of Roads
Time after Time More Quakes in Christchurch – Lyttleton crumbles into dust. Is there no end to their misery?
Infinite Loops On Apple’s new Headquarters building
Stellar An apartment building proposed
Stalla Another apartment building proposed

May 2011:
Ghost Town A rude and contentious question: Is Christchurch really worth rebuilding?
Stamp on Architecture Dutch stamps featuring modern architecture
Gavin Stamp on Architecture Did you see what we did there?
Its the End of the World as we know it 89 year old American idiot, Harold Camping, says the world will end, starting in New Zealand
Good Morning America, How are ya? And yet the very next day, we’re all still here and all still fine, singing REM to keep us happy
Well we would The Wellywood sign saga carries on

April 2011:
No Royal Wedding in this house We promise not to mention Will and Kate – and look at the bad design of new Canterbury housing instead
Congestion There is no cure for too many roads, except for adding more cars. Repeat loop. No end in sight.
Toilet talk too We need more places to wee.
We are governed by idiots Noticing that our MPs are poorly informed
Walking City Questions about rebuilding Christchurch
All Change please On a new building that sits above the Bus Station
Flaneurs and Raconteurs Musings on people who muse about the city
Athfield resigns over Mayoral intransigence A tall tale from Christchurch
Mayor’s knickers in twist over cycle lanes Gosh, is that the time? And my my, look at the date

March 2011:
Nothing ever happens: but it could be right now On the slowness of information coming out about Memorial Park – and an update with plans
High Noon at the Athfield Corral El Ambassadore lays down the law to Christchurch over their penchant for one way roads
Full moon Once in a Blue Moon we talk about Ken Ring, the mad Moon Man
Groovy baby! A rare piece of exciting suburban architecture pokes its cute little head above the parapet in Seatoun heights
Tsunami here? A post prompted by the massive destructive tsunami in Japan, and a look at the likelihood of disasters striking the Wellington region
Mass Housing In praise of prefab, and the first collapse in the housing market
Liquefaction Want to know why Canterbury sank into the mud? Here’s why
Canterbury calls up Maximus A proposal for colour coding of remaining buildings
Toilet talk Sewerage is vital to a city’s survival – especially Wellington
Gerry Brownlee – please cancel Transmission Gully Where to find the money for the rebuilding of Christchurch?

February 2011:
Chalice church A proposal on what could be done with Canterbury Cathedral’s spire
Earthquake: stone buildings versus gravity The Feb 22nd Quake in Christchurch really changes everything
Architect bites dog In which the Architects Board gets stuck into Estate Agents
valentine Some sultry murmerings in your ear on Valentines Day
Hutt Park / Hutt Square New hard landscape by the Dowse
Rort like an Egyptian On the overthrow of Mubarak by the people

January 2011:
Whare Waka Finally, the launching of a house for local iwi waka
For DavidP The greatest harbour mashup ever seen
Stop the Flyover Sort of self-explanatory really…
The Year Ahead Predictions for 2011, from the oracle of aquatic life
Eye of the Fish Archive Pretty much this thing you are reading now
I’ve changed my mind about light rail Celebrating No Pants Day
Flooding-In Storms in Queensland and New Zealand – are we prepared?
Birdman Flying feats of fantastic feathery fun

December 2010:
Revolution starts here Or so we thought. But we were weeks early
Why did the chicken…? More musings on Manners Mall
Christmas apples What we really want for Christmas – shiny new apples
Old and New Hearst Tower in New York

November 2010:
Hobbitoff On the (mostly banal) architecture of Peter Jackson
Exhibition time Latest graduates work on show
Tattoo to tango Archaus Tattoo apartment building leaps ahead
Parade of Homes Proposed new apartments on Oriental Parade
Chow leaves bad taste The brothel brothers are truly Grimm
Bus Lane Manners Maul meat mash means mincing

October 2010:
No Post today Not sure. Do all these posts need an explanatory title? Sigh…
Bank on Brown Commentary on the Mayor of Dorkland
And the Winner is… Archaus Te Aro Tower takes off
Red-head Green Wade-Brown gets Gold Irreverent title on relevant new Mayor
The soil we stand on Should we be worried if new zeaLAND is getting sold?
John Wilson of Roseneath Local idiot
Rocky for sure Nothing to do with the Foreshore and Seabed. Just a Rock
A Gesture to Melbourne The Thesis Whisperer, and how to gesture like a poseur
Hobbiton-on-Sea The lasting legacy of architecture from Lord of the Rings

September 2010:
Aussie thunder The demise of the Urban Design group
Grand Urban Rules A useful book with easy to read diagrams on how to design a city
Quake: Close Call Massive earthquake in Canterbury – is Wellington prepared?
Heritage Questions What should we be doing with our heritage (see above)?
Heritage ideas Some possible suggestions
Central Park upgrade Housing upgrade – slicing up buildings
Who to vote for? We’re asking, not telling
Stadium Roof South Invercargil’s roof fails under snow load
Fountains for Wellington Sardonic commentary on digging up roads
Stadium Roof East Pure poetry in motion from static engineering
Fascion The ridiculousness and silliness of girls wot got frox

August 2010:
Mayor Kerry speaks And indeed she does – emailing the Fish direct
Heritage Schmeritage Put your Trust in Historic Places?
The Tonight Show Letterman’s take on a city – where’s our urban hero?
The Syntax of Wellington Political Space
Castle Nobody else laughed except for Sarah and me
The Syntax of Public Transport A colourful explanation of how our city has a transport problem
Whither Johnsonville Local madmen froth at the mouth re DPC 72 / 73
Andy Foster writes and Speaks coherently and intelligently
Helene Ritchie writes which is more than can be said for some
Fish Fetish Rubber balls? Bondage? Taut, firm, fishy flesh?

July 2010:
Shed your coat / Coat your Shed Auckland’s silly rugby shenanigans
Apartments Dead Did we speak too soon? or Too Late?
Where did I stick my Stadium? Alternative locations for a Wellington rock venue – and then we got hacked by spammers
Spamalotnot The one where we got really snotty at those idiot russian spammers – and I’m a vegetarian!
Minimise An excuse for an inspiring picture, that ended up in a political debate
Indoor Stadium options Alternative locations for a Wellington rock venue – actually quite a lot of hard work, thought, and graphic power went into this one, so you had better enjoy it

June 2010:
Rocky! Some sweet transvestites, from transexual, Transylvania
Rocky road for Cuba Carni Which appears not to be happening
CML building Just that: the CML, old and new
Foreshore, for sure Maximus solves the foreshore and seabed issue, but politicians still don’t get it
Mind your Manners More on a mall – the Mall – and crossing streets
Telecom bricks Reflections on a building that dangles with angles
Living on water, building on Foreshore Floating houses? Boating blouses? Heaving trousers?
Tall Jetsons towers Tales of tall towers, like nothing ever seen before

May 2010
Calamity Jane Disastrous building proposals
Brazil One of the great films of Terry Gilliam
Thai me down Thai Embassy and their reuse of the modern marvel
Is the Profession of Architecture Corrupt? Well, is it? No comment
Ironbank gets Gold rank RTS Studio and a building that is interesting
Lucky leaky? Leaky homes in NZ get a proposal for some remuneration
On the waterfront Early discussion on the building of the Wharewaka
Sporting Arena The first few shots of the Indoor Sports Centre
Airport Rocks on Sneak peek at the International Terminal under construction

April 2010: and starting off on 1st April, we had a story that no one really fell for…
New City Architect appointed Shock announcement for the Urban Design Group at the Council
Eye round-up the sheep Anish Kapoor proposal for London, and other dubious announcements from 1st April
The Politics of Architecture On selling off of High Country land
Seriously ugly? Lyall Bay surf club proposals
Renfro New York legend Charles Renfro in town
Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go Greedy developers go bust
ANZAC Memorial In depth look at views to and from the Carillon

March 2010:
Earthquakes and Tsunamis After an earthquake, CD issues a warningfor a Tsunami
Variation 11 The latest proposal for Wellington waterfront
Polychromatic cutie A building in Cuba St made of coloured blocks
Projecting Some fantastic use of light to highlight architecture – ‘Onya!
Supercilious City: Pods Cast Pod transport proposed again – for Auckland this time
Air Eire ‘Ere Saint Patrick and his day
Advertising Nothing We spare your eyeballs from the hideousness and noise
Leaky Building Syndrome What is this, really?
Parnell Rising and Falling A curious building proposal up north

February 2010:
this post here was just simply called i Living on the waterfront in a slice of pie
Liberating Everyday Life On Bill Toomath’s work at the City Gallery
Stark reminder We love the Film Archive – but not their seats
Carnivals and Festivals On Cuba Carnival and other Carnivale around the world

January 2010:
Big Willie in Town The Royal opening of the Supreme Court in NZ
iWant Apple unveils the i Pad
Scaffold’s Off On architectural photography and the so-so Sodo apartments
Supreme Pacifika Some alternative wrappings for the Supreme Court
Basins What’s our biggest basin? The cricket one, of course!

December 2009:
Christmas On Christmas light decorations that make no sense
Cobblestone Rex The refurbishment of Cobblestone Park
Changes to Manners Mall and Cuba St confirmed
Trannie Gully Announcement from Government that this will proceed
Togs, Togs, Undies The joys of summer – jelly tips and trumpets

November 2009:
Strengthening What to do about strengthening earthquake prone buildings?
Auckland Farce On Party Central and continued cock-ups in Auckland
Loyalty Beyond Reason
Variation 11 to go ahead? The proposal to proceed with the planning change on the waterfront
Surf’s Up Too More on that building on the south coast
Urban Eye Those Aucklanders, with their fancy writing competitions and arch awards
Bob’s back Proposals by a prominent property owner for a Mayoral candidate
Rotten, rotting, leaking Leaking buildings and rotten designs often go together
Chocolate Fish On the Wellingtonista Awards
Wellywood The most fun Wellington has had for years: taking the mickey out of the silly sign
Where’s my jetpack? A retro themed forward thinking post looking at the non-appearance of our space suits

October 2009:
Tattoo You Too Dinky new apartments off Wigan St
Tee Total The kids just wanna have fun ! ie a roller coaster!
South Coast Surfs Up Discussion over Maraenui Surf Club Cafe
From Right House to Drawing Board
Leaky Leushke On architects and buildings from another place
Telecom digs in More on that building, or the big hole it sits in
Telecom wiggles in Big new building on Willis St for Telecom
the 5th Scenario If you were building a surf club, would you take the 5th?
The Weeks Ahead What is coming up on the horizon?
Moore Wilson Interesting redevelopment for a tangled Wellington favourite

September 2009:
Wellington Super City Auckland wants to be a Super City – do we?
Harbour Capital A fairly self-explanatory title I would have thought
Taking the Pissoir A long look at the role of the public pit-stop
Fat Lady Singing? They say it ain’t over till the Fat Lady sings, but they were wrong
Shared Pictures: Shared Spaces Lower Cuba St shared space? Really?
Are Apartments our Green Shoots? Apparently not, as it turns out
Fashion: Weak Auckland Fashion Week – its all a bit naff
Dotty On a fantastic exhibition at the City Gallery, covered in dots
All Mall Johnsonville and a plan for the Mall

August 2009:
Fishing the Basin Suggestions from the Fish for the Basin Reserve
Watermarked Some projects are forever destined to not proceed
Portofino New Restaurant to complete the Kumutoto noshery
NZCID The Council for Infrastructure Development talks to the Money
Monument Mondrian Fun with new apartments overlooking Waitangi Park
Project Rugby Supermarket proposals on the Basin Reserve
Newlands Community Centre A surprising new building in the middle of suburbia – the People’s Republic of Newlands
Mad on Manners Discussion on Manners Mall, as you do…
Tram Stop Discussion on light rail systems
Why does National hate Trees? We never did find out why…

July 2009:
sNo Dome Das obere Geschoss erht lt eine vorgesetzte Fassade in Form stilisierter Grashalme
Harbour Cycling Regional Strategic Cycling Network
Rubbish on TV GJ Gardner sneers
More Nautica The Blue Water Black Magic – Tribute to Sir Peter Blake
Outer-T Competition announced A competition has been announced – for the Outer Tee!
Underground Wellington What happens to the underground tunnel network we have started?
Affordable Housing Mention of some new affordable housing – what’s the detail?
Home size Discussion of the size of an apartment – how low can you go?
Fush and CHUP Council Housing Upgrade Project.

June 2009:
Whitesnake What’s all this about then, eh? Actually: medals and the BNZ, believe it or not
Manners closes but what will open? On Manners Mall – or under it
Lucky Break Well, this one was on David Bain
State of Play At this point, we had 145 articles and 2000 comments
OPT all GO for APT Tearing down the house – or at least the old Passenger Terminal
Thorndon Tavern : Thai Takeaway From super Pub, to concrete framework, to awful design for Thai embassy
Terrible design Air New Zealand baggage, and pneumatic wooshy things
Crusher Collins cracks Containerisation We all live in a yellow container, a yellow container…
Harbour Cities Searching for the lost soul rebel in a carpark south of the Meridian

May 2009:
Best busker Wee man with big talent
Piermont Interesting patterns on new apartment buildings
Behemoth A query for the readers – what is this?
Taxing Behemoth An answer for the readers – where the Tax man cometh from
GBH and the DBH Department of Bruising and Holding
Motorway fever Let’s build some new motorways – or, maybe, lets not
Tunnel vision Discussion on how we can build things underground with giant machines
On the waterfront Wellington Waterfront offer up a competition to work up the Outer Tee
Oddity In which a Nameless Government Wonk replies to the column and provides some helpful info about a building in Thorndon

April 2009:
News flash: Stadium site it is April 1st announcement on site of indoor stadium
Memorial Parkway A lonely fence sits in a sea of Tarmac
Human Tetris The construction of the Taranaki St tall building
Inhabited bridges Living on the bridge, not under it: some examples from history
Call the Commissioner Batman? the Commissioner is calling for you on the COncourse
Te Ika a Maui Let’s drop this North and South palaver, shall we? Speak maori, dammit!
Green Man Some cod piece about an “oirish” bar – its all leprechauns to me
National Library Rebranding a National institution is not as easy as it seems

March 2009:
Arch Centre Competition 20 under 40 launched
Man the Mall On Manners Mall, of course
Recession – pah! Ride a bike instead Recession really starts to bite
Next top model Pretty vacant stick insects on the prowl
Supreme omelette Supreme Court egg dissected
Big fish Masquerade, a large boat for some rich bugger, is in town
Rongotai revived Bix Box retailing in Rongotai
National architecture Actually, this one was on domes. Big and small. Mainly big, actually…

February 2009:
Windows to the world NZ and German attitudes towards glazing in bedrooms
Waitangi Waitangi Park design reviewed
Indoor Sports Centre Max thinks the Indoor Sports Centre is not in the right location
Stimulus package Max does not react to the stimulus of John Key
Little fishes swim upstream Valentines Day and a Talking Heads concert review
Honey pot Some quick links to hot topics and Eye posts
Blow me away Wind farm approved
It’s Showtime! Cuba Carnival
Dark waters An interim post
Transit’s tasteless menu Pathways – NZTA moves into publishing soft-porn-roading
Puni accommodation Te Puni? We’ll never know. Not found
For Shortness Perspective on writing about fore-shortening

January 2009:
At the beach A slow start back, tossing babies in the air
The year ahead Maximus predicts the future – gets a lot of it bang on too!
On the buses Trolley buses in Wellington and sexy new buses in London
Grand Designs Kevin McCloud, Heritage castles, and St Johns Hall in Napier
Big Day Out Obama’s inauguration crowd – its big! Plenty of people!
Century City Ho Hotel apartments goes tits up
Ephemera NZ Post and the introduction of Post Codes

December 2008:
Jorn Utzon Jorn Utzon dies
Seaside cities : rising waters Venice flooding, and lessons for Wellington?
Hook of the Fish A giant roadside sculpture is proposed
Swan Lane : people park An impassioned plea for Swan Lane to be a Park for People, not cars…
Threats to waywardness Musings on public shortcuts through private land
Stout barricade Arts and walls of stuff barricade part of the city
Wellington goes high tech The Duel on Vivian saga – worth reading just for the comments!
What’s the urgency? Parliamentary wasting of time
Boiling blood Cost over-runs on the Supreme Court
Gone Fishing It’s Summer and Christmas and we’ve gone on holiday

November 2008:
Johnsonville Mall This post is about a Mall. In Johnsonville.
Fish Cash Scandal The Fish does not accept bribes. Just fish.
Fireworks for Obama Day The start of the reign of Obama – high hopes!
So: the End of an Era The end of the reign of Helen Clark
End of year degree shows: on now Self-explanatory title really, innit?
More mall for J’ville More on that Mall. Still in Johnsonville
No fly zone Basin Reserve – did someone say FlyOver?
Rate your blog We rate quite well, actually.
Mauled Mall – bus route Turning the Manners Mall into a Bus Lane
Architecture awards night NZIA Awards for 2008
Cuba vs Manners What works better as a pedestrian mall?

October 2008:
Anyone fluent in Squiggle? Graffiti, explained
Wellington on a good day… That waterfront – just gorgeous
Design for the sun Thinking about how to plan the city to soak up the sun
What’s happening on Holland?
Coffee you feel! We love Havana bar
Athfield rolling on
Athfield’s fractured facade On Featherston St, a cracked facade looks familiar
Hemlines up? Super-tall towers? Myths discussed Self-evident title really

September 2008:
St George and St Mary Just near St Mary of the Angels, a new block proposed
Two Pensions? The Due Pensione building proposed for Haining St
The right to write Architectural Criticism – and who should be doing it
Do it once, do it right Competition for an affordable house
Civic Trust Award winners Winners of awards for around the city, as proposed by the Civic Trust
Get your skates on Why don’t we have a Ice Skating arena?
Icon get no satisfaction It’s that bloody word again: Icon. What does it mean and why do some people overuse it so much? I mean, come on, not everything can be an Icon, can it? How about some quiet background building people?

August 2008:
Banalitecture Boring architecture on Wellington’s main entry road
Resource Management Act: Discuss Although, sadly, not many people did
Courtenay Park update
Te Karo Park The side strips of the Inner City Bypass
Construction methodologies
Civic News
Snip Snap: Sardines, Oysters, Snappers … and Tagging Those its of plastic wot get you on to buses
Beauty, Damnation and Architecture
Property Council conference 08 Mostly a bunch of fat old men who control the wealth in our cities
Inner City residential The Birth of WICRABA

July 2008:
Wagamama joins Mojo at Kumutoto Well that title is pretty self-explanatory really, isn’t it?
Dude, where’s my gas station? We have less of these than we used to. Where are they going?
Boondoggle Gully Transmission Gully – the fools get sucked in again
Jolly Green Giants Telecom’s new building in Willis St – the first views
Wellington construction corpses Thanks largely to non-payment of bills, another construction company bites the dust

June 2008:
She’s a total blam blam Knocking down the buildings for some new blocks in Taranaki St
Mill Creek Wind Farm More wind turbines proposed
Ngauranga to Airport (Part 2) The document that sets out the future of Wellington traffic planning
Rising up in the blogosphere – or Lost in Transmission? We rose to the heady heights of 51st most popular political website – no idea how, or why
Pews on wheels; Heritage on the move Margaret Alington writes on the stripping out of heritage from her church

May 2008:
Transport – the route ahead Consultation results back – see what we Wellingtonians said about transport
Overseas makeover Proposals for rebuilding the Overseas Passenger Terminal
Wellington Hospital – the 800lb gorilla sitting in the corner that no one admits is there Do we have an ugly hospital in Wellington, or what?
Supreme and enduring awards NZIA awards ceremony
WAM Bam Thank you Ma’am Warren and Mahoney unveil plans for National Library
Suffragette City On the little green man / woman that helps us to cross the road

April 2008:
Chew on this Chew’s Lane proposals
There is no housing shortage in New Zealand In which we put forward the prospect of a tax on second homes, so that every one can have one, rather than two
Win a trip to Flosten Paradise A personal favourite – the 5th element’s look at urban life
Apartment survey WCC asks for feedback on living in the city
Congestion Pricing roadmap Discussing congestion charging and how we need carrots as well as sticks
Courtenay loses some parks; gains a Park The Courtenay Park proposal is launched

March 2008:
The strange death of architectural criticism Where we lamented that criticism seems to be dying out, except by a select few
Courtenay 2.0 More stories about buildings and food
Derek and Jen The one about the young couple who…
Barrio and Bellagio A tale of two apartment buildings on Taranaki St
The Hilton vanishes? Outer T of the Queens Wharf – a hotel no longer
Metropol-itan? Apartment building proposed for Ghuznee St by Archaus
This post just received Resource Consent
Fwd: an Open letter to the NZIA
No affordable housing?

February 2008:
Fly my pretty roofs! Looking at rooftop lines around Wellington apartment buildings
State of Shock? English author Duncan Fallowell gets rude / truthful
Does my building look big in this? Groundscrapers on the foreshore and optical illusions on the facade of the BNZ
Wow indeed Athfield wins competition at Kumutoto
The Forest Grows A tall building in Willis St is proposed, but does it proceed?
Light Rail Redux More on the need for Light Rail
New Solace A statue on the foreshore attracting some attention
Two steps forward, one back
Stop Transits Tunnels
Heads Up #2 We were going to replace our header with lovely new photos, but we only did it once or twice
Oriental Rooflines More on rooflines, especially on the Parade
Rock 2 Wellington The unveiling of a new Airport terminal in Wellington that looks like a….
Follow up: Athfield at Kumutoto Looking at the results of the recent competitions for sites 8, 9, and 10
Last chances Last day to submit feedback on the Ngauranga to Airport
To build a painting William S Toomath and the lion of St Jerome – a study on that man and his desk
Body movie(ing) Painting buildings with light

January 2008
First Post A welcome to this blog, and an explanation of why we are called what we are
Heads Up #1 We were going to replace our header with lovely new photos, but we only did it once or twice
Ohtel by the Park A new building, the Ohtel, down by the Waitangi Park
New Farm for Ohariu Wind Farms in the west
To Rail or Not to Rail Rail travel in the Wellington region