The Eye of the Fish

May 25, 2011

Well, we would

It seems almost inevitable that if this Wellywood sign goes ahead (all perfectly legal, the bloke from the Council tells me), then it is going to get some “special treatment” metered out in due course.

And because we are such a creative lot in Wellington, and because the interwebs is here, let’s see how good your photoshop skills are. At top is a nice clear blank copy of the sign as devised by us back in 2009. And then lower down is a terrible piece of post-signage vandalism enacted on the sign after its erection. Tsk tsk, that’s seriously bad.

Can you do better? Feel free to send us your creative reworking of the sign in 5 years time, just when the WCC decides not to renew the Resource Consent… email them to contact @ eyeofthefish dot org you know the drill. You ‘shop them, we’ll publish them, and a chocolate Fish to the best of them. On your marks, get set, go…

Results: The first up – a regular contributor – anonymous? – says that his scheme recognises that:
“In 5 years I predict the movie industry will have moved all operations off to cheaper labour markets leaving only our burgeoning sex toy industry to be the claim to civic pride.”

Nice incorporation of the business community there, I’m sure the Chamber of Commerce will approve of that.

Next up is a Paul, who notes that:
“Hi, Got to thinking about destruction but got diverted by the idea that most planes fly in from the south so the other end of the airport should have a sign too.”

Well done Paul, and useful for those people searching for Moa Point.

Then we’ve got a carefully camouflaged version, which its creator says shows that “we can unleash creative means of counter-action that don’t have to be destructive, but cleverly additive.”

Any more? Keep ’em coming!
Here’s some versions a close friend whipped up in her coffee break:

or this

and this

which leads to this

not forgetting this

catering for a full range of tastefully decorated ethnic diversity there. Jos de Bries should be well happy. Tot siens!

Another clever option just in from Sol – who asks: Any suggestion for what the clue for 3 across should be?

26 - 05 - 11

Updated with your entries so far – looking forward to some more…

26 - 05 - 11

I wondered how it got past Resource Consent in a non-notifiable manner, which is the real issue here to me, given the visibility of the site from Roseneath to Lyall bay/Melrose. Had this gone through a notified process, us plebs might have been able to have a say at an appropriate time – before the Airport were given every right to construct it, which they now have.

Anyway, it appears (based on a comment on a recent DomPost article), that the Airport applied for RC for 9 small signs. Top marks for cunning disingenuity!! (or bottom marks to the Council Officer for not putting 1 and 1 and 1 and 1 and 1 and 1 and 1 and 1 and 1 together… perhaps they were all submitted independently over a period of months!?).

26 - 05 - 11

How much notification did WIAL’s other billboard currently used by Hyundai get?

26 - 05 - 11

I’m reliably informed that because it is Airport land, they can do pretty much what they damn well want to there – build Airports, build associated buildings to do with airports, build hotels and carparks becasue they are also to do with airports, and so of course a sign is just another of those associated things to do with airports. Just a little sign. In other words – they don’t even need to ask the Council – they might do a little consulting with them – but they effectively have the God-given (oops, sorry, not God-given, but council-given) right to put up what they want.
There was a draft Plan Change, number 42 if I recollect correctly, which proposed to change some of those conditions. Not sure whether that ever happened or not. Its all lost, in the mists of time….

26 - 05 - 11

so given their FSM given right to do as they wish, how long until we can look forward to the the wellywood casino?

27 - 05 - 11

My posting up of a friend’s comment:
“Fantastic ! Having seen these latest redesigns, I can see now what you’re on about. Very creative. I think I’ve changed my mind – it could indeed be an outlet for our creative juices. Why not? Let’s do it!!”

30 - 05 - 11

The airport may be “reconsidering” but a Mainzeal crew are erecting fencing at the foot of the proposed site. Watch that space.