The Eye of the Fish

September 25, 2015

Arise Queen Zaha

Newsflash – the RIBA have just awarded the Gold Medal to Zaha Hadid.
Fantastic news – she’s one of my heroes.
Totally brilliant, totally mad, totally British, totally uncompromising, totally scary.
Fantastic woman, fantastic architect – and fantastic also that this is the first time ever that the RIBA, traditionally a collection of crusty boring old men, has crowned a woman with the Gold Medal. I wonder if there will ever be such a situation of the NZIA in little old New Zealand, ever recognising a woman in the same way?

Only trouble is, of course: there is only one Zaha.

Discussion welcome !

28 - 09 - 15

Totally British? Not sure that one is totally right…

But yes, it is really great to hear that Zaha Hadid has been awarded the Gold Medal. Never mind whether she is a woman, or Iraqi-born, the main thing is that she does some wickedly awesome architecture. When are we going to get our first Zaha building in NZ? Or even Australia? Or even somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere?