District Plan

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Today is the day that the elected Councillors will vote on the Proposed District Plan, which will shape our city for the next thousand years (too long? legally, only 10 years, but who knows how long we’ll be around!). But the Councillors only get to say Yes, or No, even though they will go through it line by line. It is really the unelected Officers who…

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The Draft District Plan is up online and is calling for submissions. Consultation closes on 14 December. Many people will not have viewed it online, and may be unaware of the extent of the changes. First among these changes is that we will no longer have Inner Residential and Outer Residential, but instead we will have a General Residential Zone (everything there is noted as GRZ)…

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A new (proposed / draft / actual – who knows, really?) District Plan has dropped and it fills me with dread. Horror. Revulsion. They’ve only gone and screwed it up again, haven’t they? I’m not going to mince my words about this – what is being proposed in terms of height limits in the Central Area is a crime against humanity. What was discussed and submitted…