3 Min Read

So, finally today we had the news that we all knew was going to happen one day – that the Pink Council building (WCC’s CAB) is to be demolished and developers / visionaries are asked to submit bids and proposals for a replacement building and a Masterplan. After too many years of sitting round doing nothing, suddenly it is all go, and proposals are needed immediately….

5 Min Read

So, a decision has been made by the Councillors of the WCC – let’s hope it was the right call. I’m not jumping for joy, I’m not down in the dumps, I’m just evaluating the decision. Hmmm. Pondering. I actually watched a whole lot of the debate on the You Tube channel, live, which is a tedious thing, but vaguely instructive. They need to sort their…

7 Min Read

There’s been a lot about this house in the news recently – both the paper kind of news, and the TV kind of news. May as well get my news from proper news sources while they exist, seeing as it sounds like soon nothing is going to exist in the news world. What will we do when 3News and OneNews are ditched, and Stuff has gone…