The Eye of the Fish

November 21, 2019

Crocodile bikes and peeps

If you haven’t seen Stephen Colbert’s trip to NZ yet, then click here and watch it – its great! And spends time in my favourite local bar – without giving away where it is! Excellent! But there is also a wonderful sequence where they pass a woman, keen on walking, while Stephen and a couple of locals are out on a crocodile bike.

Can we nominate her for a medal? Excellent deadpan reactions – no celebrities are going to stop her from having a walk on a nice Wellington sunny day (thank goodness they didn’t come last week!).

So – any idea who she is? I seriously want to nominate her for coolest woman in Wellington. I mean, I pass Brett McKenzie all the time in Cuba St, and have managed to keep any sign of greeting down to a bare minimum, not much more than a half eyebrow raise – even though I’ve met his mum and all and we’re almost family. I love it – the complete opposite of the celebrity fandom in the States that Colbert is used to. We need to school the world in how to best react to celebs – studious ignoring of them all. Chur bro.

It does show just how silly the notion is of trying to stage a Survivor / Treasure Island New Zealand Celebrity Edition is….

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I remember one of the LOTR actors saying we were just as bad as everywhere else (staring, selfie requests, etc)

22 - 11 - 19

Yes I’m sure some of us are. But I’m an admirer of the act of studious refrain. I was standing in a queue next to James Nesbit while he was waiting to pay for his petrol – I just ignored him. Its what he would have wanted. You and me – presumably you too are an ordinary non-celeb – we might not mind if some random person started chatting to you in a supermarket queue, but if that happened all the time, it’d drive you mad. Best way to pay them respect is to acknowledge that they’d rather not be bothered, and treat them just like an ordinary human being – which, after all, they are. My aunty in London used to walk her dog in Kensington Gardens every morning, and would frequently see Diana Spencer out for a morning jog with her diplo protection squad man. She just said Morning, same as you would to anyone else…. I think Diana appreciated that.