If you haven’t seen Stephen Colbert’s trip to NZ yet, then click here and watch it – its great! And spends time in my favourite local bar – without giving away where it is! Excellent! But there is also a wonderful sequence where they pass a woman, keen on walking, while Stephen and a couple of locals are out on a crocodile bike.

Can we nominate her for a medal? Excellent deadpan reactions – no celebrities are going to stop her from having a walk on a nice Wellington sunny day (thank goodness they didn’t come last week!).

So – any idea who she is? I seriously want to nominate her for coolest woman in Wellington. I mean, I pass Brett McKenzie all the time in Cuba St, and have managed to keep any sign of greeting down to a bare minimum, not much more than a half eyebrow raise – even though I’ve met his mum and all and we’re almost family. I love it – the complete opposite of the celebrity fandom in the States that Colbert is used to. We need to school the world in how to best react to celebs – studious ignoring of them all. Chur bro.

It does show just how silly the notion is of trying to stage a Survivor / Treasure Island New Zealand Celebrity Edition is….