The Eye of the Fish

November 12, 2012


I know we can’t really do this, what with Wellington Wind and all, but I do love a good brolly.

Here’s a street with quite a few of them !

Reminds me of the buddhist peace flags up during the last Cuba Carnival – word on the street is that somehow, weirdly, two different Cuba Carnivals are being planned – and also that Cuba Carnival will be on the waterfront, not in Cuba St.

D’oh !

Anyway – forecast is for rain – take your brollie.

60 MPa
12 - 11 - 12

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agueda umbrellas

12 - 11 - 12

Thanks 60! Dreamy sort of streets cape, huh? No wind…, dappled sunlight…., sometimes I dream of a day like that…

20 - 11 - 12

I reckon it would be great to have a developing sculpture made out of the umbrellas that get killed by the Wellington wind – you know how we always see them sitting in rubbish bins? Best thought I could come up with was some kind of bird, with the umbrellas being the quills.