Since moving to Christchurch I have occasionally taken to the streets to take photos of the state of the rebuild.  No specific methodology, just whatever catches my eye.

Recently while I walking around I was taking these pictures when an older lady started talking to me.

“I don’t even miss it.  Between The Palms, Northlands, and Westfield, I don’t need the city.  I don’t miss it one bit.”

Recently Maximus stated  “It’s exasperating. If architects are unwilling / incapable of talking about buildings, then how can they have any expectation that the public will have any interest? Personally, I was hoping for a representative from every single architectural practice, and engineering practice, in town, to post commentary here, but let’s face it – they are all too gutless and faceless. Sad. Really sad.”

How do we speak to people who don’t value the truly public space?  The non-contrived, scheming and manipulative psychology of the shopping mall?  When the average person sees the city as only what can be purchased, how do we even start to discuss the value of heritage?  How do we try to convince them that good design is worthwhile?

This is the city I live in.