The Eye of the Fish

February 18, 2009

Honey pot

In case you’re a new visitor to Eye of the Fish, and are looking for some of the particular posts on certain subjects, here’s a quick summary of some links that you can click on and take you straight there. Please do feel free to add your comment on any of the subjects. For instance:

Discussing the proposals for the National Library

Debating the proposed Flyover at the Basin Reserve

Talking about Manners Mall conversion into a bussed street

Musing on what makes Cuba Street just soooo good

Proposing that the Swan Lane car park is purchased and made into a People’s Park

Siting of the Indoor Sports Centre

Light Rail proposals in Wellington

The giant Fish Hook of Maui sculpture

The proposed Johnsonville Mall – just was Has become of that?

Women’s short skirts and tall buildings generally

Random musings on stimulus

Rocks or Pumpkins at the airport

The country’s best waterfront promenade is right here

Squiggly wildstyle graffiti on our walls

The use of the Outer T wharf at Queens Wharf

Quite a few articles about crappy development, of which this is one

Beauty, Snapper, Banal architecture, Transmission Gully, Airport traffic planning, Courtenay Park, small apartments, affordable apartments, and just so much more

And lastly but not least, a big thanks to Sophist and Provocateur Tommy Honey who linked to us on Nine to Noon. We’re glad you like the blog Tommy – keep up the good work.

19 - 02 - 09

Always happy to acknowledge where the hard work is done and the good ideas come from…

19 - 02 - 09

Just a query Mr Honey Sir… did you chose the word Sophist ? Or do the National Radio chose that for you?

Wikipedia tells me that “A sophist is a user of sophisms, i.e., an insincere person trying to confuse or deceive people. A sophist tries to persuade the audience while paying little attention to whether his argument is logical and factual.”

19 - 02 - 09

What about the Tasman Street Supermarket?? Any news on that front??

19 - 02 - 09

My choice… the sophists gave Socrates a hard time. I’ve never had a problem doing the same to the establishment.