The Eye of the Fish

August 27, 2012


Sitting at the Eye of the Fish office, watching the rain being driven upwards by this northerly gale, I’m saying a private prayer to the God of small things, that I hope like heck I’ve got the flashing details correct.

Nothing much to say today – except that I’ve been saving this photo for a suitable occasion, and today seems like the day. Can’t remember where I found it, so I can’t credit it, but it has a beautiful, almost painterly / sketcherly quality. And apart from the signs saying Marlboro and Cyber, it could have been taken anywhere in Asia for the last few hundred years…. Thank you to whoever took it…

27 - 08 - 12
Click the camera, paste the URL of your image and voila
Amazing, but scary, too.


27 - 08 - 12

Bhaktapur, Nepal. Photo by Anuar Patjane.

27 - 08 - 12

Thanks Jack – you’re absolutely right! And all credit to Anuar Patjane, for this fantastic photo.