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In the news today, the Post reports that Kapiti Council have agreed on new Density rules for their larger urban areas. That will mean that Paraparaumu will heavily densify in the centre, while Waikanae and Paekakariki will be allowed to densify to slightly lower heights. I imagine that this will cause quite a ruckus. “The new changes mean buildings up to 15 storeys would be enabled…

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When is a MDRS not a MDRS? When Christopher Luxon agrees to it, and then disagrees to it, it seems. What am I talking about, I hear you say? Well, the MDRS (medium density residential standards), universally agreed to last year by both Labour AND National (AND the Greens and ACT too I think?) – that one, that only just came into being a short while…

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Having taken the chance to venture south of the city, to deepest darkest Island Bay, home of the Empire, the old Terminus, the Parade, and nothing taller than two storeys high, I got to wondering what would the future would be like in a world where four-six storeys has been authorised, encouraged, and even mandated. It’s hard to imagine at present, with the wide leafy boulevard…

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So the Bill of Three Houses, Three Storeys, has passed. Parliament gave it the most unsexy title of all: Resource Management (Enabling Housing Supply and Other Matters) Amendment Bill. But I think the title of Three 3 Bill would have been more interesting. Certainly, the aftermath of this extraordinarily rushed legislation will be interesting. It will enable intensification to a considerable degree, but probably not where…

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The Draft District Plan is up online and is calling for submissions. Consultation closes on 14 December. Many people will not have viewed it online, and may be unaware of the extent of the changes. First among these changes is that we will no longer have Inner Residential and Outer Residential, but instead we will have a General Residential Zone (everything there is noted as GRZ)…