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Elizabeth Cox’s book Making Space – A History of New Zealand Women in Architecture is a treasure trove of information, that I suspect will take me several weeks to fully read and digest. The book is a fantastic achievement, spanning the last century and a half, with a number of guest chapters by other great women architect authors, focusing on the amazingly large number of women…

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Celebrate! Well done Wellington, for electing a fresh, new, young Maori woman Mayor, Tory Whanau – and farewell and thank you to Andy Foster, for leading the city over the last few years and for battling through with the battle of the factions. I’m hoping that Tory’s ability to wrangle young Green MPs into shape will also extend to wrangling Tamatha Paul and Rebecca Matthews –…

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The news was only out yesterday, and briefly mentioned on the news, but I have a horrible feeling that this is going to have a massive effect on New Zealand, and on Wellington in particular. Have a look at this screen grab from the Stuff website: That’s a massive change all over – but especially for the capital. Previously we were the most risky place, with…