The Eye of the Fish

June 17, 2020

Ghost ships

Ghost ships have been sighted in Wellington Harbour this morning – faint blue outlines of something, lurking beneath the waves…. Is it a relic from a bygone era? If so, why haven’t we seen the wreck before? There have been many shipwrecks in Whanganui-a-Tara over the years, of course, with at least 8 wrecks out on Barretts Reef alone, but what would cause a large ship to sink just off the shores of the Ngauranga reclamation island? Is it a secret spy mission, briefly caught by high-end satellite image processing? Can we blame Obama for this one too? Will the anti-immigration trolls be snapping at the heels of those who have clearly let in two new cases of plague-ships?

I know – briefly exciting, but in the end, nothing to see. Clearly a modern ship, or two, painted blue. I blame Avatar of course…. At least Mick Jagger would have painted it black….

17 - 06 - 20

Scuttled cruise ships?

Kumara Republic
17 - 06 - 20

AFAIK, it’s not the F69 wreck, since that’s out in Lyall Bay as an artificial reef.

17 - 06 - 20

The wreck of the Ruby Princess? Cos that was a disaster !!

60 MPa
18 - 06 - 20

Legend has it that when the shunting yards had a line that went right out to the end of one of the wharves, a train carriage was pushed off the end by mistake
They sent a diver down to take a look and when he came up they said “how is it?”
He said “Which one? There’s seven down there”

Johnny H
18 - 06 - 20

These GIS systems routinely use A.I algorithms to remove stuff which is cluttering up satellite photos so I gather it’s just a case where it hasn’t managed to fully redact the ships’ images. It’s the same reason why never see any cars driving on the roads or people walking on footpaths and every city looks like it’s in the midst of a major pandemic lock-down.

18 - 06 - 20

….but we ARE in a middle of a major pandemic lockdown… maybe google were planning the corona virus all along…..

…which makes sense as the earth is flat anyway, because I never see any edges in google earth…

18 - 06 - 20

If you look at this image of the Ferries at berth, its quite clear that the “horizontal” vessel at Kaiwhawawhara is/was the Aratere,,174.7873957,90m/data=!3m1!1e3

Its got a rear crane in the right spot, and the round circular object is the central exhaust installed when she went to Singapore for a bit of a “cut and stretch” – as opposed to “nip and tuck”

It looks like there are a few more seats on the back deck, but the general outlines point to it being a case of google’s erasure bots not tidying up after themselves..

19 - 06 - 20

Yep = you’re all right. Obviously a CGI cockup – colouring in the existing ship with a big blue pencil to make them go away. I never really realised until Johnny H said so, that of course all the cars on the roads are removed the same way. There’s the odd parked car (I can even see mine parked outside the house), but on the roadways themselves – blissfully free from traffic. Its either that or, as Sceptic says, they did a special flyover with the satellite during lockdown just to get a nice set of empty roads….