The Eye of the Fish

May 6, 2013


Willis St is apparently becoming the Willis River today, complete with moats, drawbridges, and certainly a fair amount of water. Where were you a month ago ?!? Anyway, just to cheer you up, and to celebrate that no one has been run over by a bus for over a month now, here’s a wee European clip of trams. I like the way he looks down to check that he still has toes at the end of his feet. Enjoy!

And – can anyone tell me what city it is in?

Michael Hudson-Doyle
6 - 05 - 13

It’s on youtube here (longer and obviously higher quality). Russia somewhere I think?

6 - 05 - 13

I can’t believe he just keeps on doing it, over and over again. Must be some kind of weird OCD…

6 - 05 - 13

The crest on the side of the tram suggests that it’s in Moscow.

6 - 05 - 13

Yip, Moscow,

In fact a bit off googling shows it to be here

6 - 05 - 13

Aaaah, the power of the hive mind ! Thanks Peoples! All credit to the mighty Moscow metro and the eternal appeal of the tram…

6 - 05 - 13

Actually, no, hold on a sec – just how in hell did you guys manage to do that? I’m dumbfounded here! How in hell’s name did you manage to track down the street this happened on? I’m really curious mr Green Welly… God you guys are smart…

7 - 05 - 13

>How in hell’s name did you manage to track down the street this happened on?

I would have thought the answer was obvious. Greenwelly is the bloke in the video clip.

7 - 05 - 13

Just what was he looking at?

8 - 05 - 13

“what was he looking at?” the old lady in the white coat – she’s a snappy dresser!

11 - 05 - 13

So Maximus, here is my guess how they figured it out. The general look is pretty eastern european severe. There are cyrillic letters on the left hand side building. Then you google streetcars and various places?
Just a guess.
Anyway, anyone who likes that kind of game should be familiar with Andrew Sullivans “The view from your window” where you guess where the photo is taken. I was able to identify a picture taken in Queenstown, but about ten people beat me to it.

Anyway, someone has made a web game of it.