The Eye of the Fish

November 8, 2019

Let’s Get Wellington Feedback

LGWM is clearly on a path of “They told us off for not consulting last time, so let’s consult the hell out of it this time” and so they have released a couple more agonisingly slow feedback mechanisms. It’ll probably take them another 3 years to collate the data, but let’s give them some data to collate, right?

There are a couple of simple things they are asking us, the public – a 30kph speed limit in Central? And – what are your comments about the Golden Mile? Anything particular about the route? And here is where you can really vent your frustration. Click on that link to follow and add your feedback, or like / dislike other people’s feedback.

The system is a bit clunky, but it is easy enough to see the comments and to place your feedback. What’s good is that you can also see how many people like or dislike your comment too. Democracy in action !?! And no need for Molotov cocktails or yellow umbrellas!

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Like system is broken. If you keep clicking it keeps going up…. Try it out.

13 - 11 - 19

This consultation is a joke,
LGWM describe it as “consulting on a vision”
I am pretty sure for the last 4 years LGWM have continually been told people want fewer cars and more pedestrian-isation down the Golden Mile,

but no we have to take another year, before they can come up with some options
in 2020 that they can then re-consult again on to get a preferred option by late 2020

This is total paralysis by analysis

15 - 11 - 19

“Consulting on a vision” – surely requires a vision to be presented first, before it can be consulted on? So what exactly is this vision?

Is the vision “we are going to fix the buses” ? Because that requires more, before it can be consulted on.

If the vision was “we are going to close Lambton Quay to traffic, from this road to this road, we are going to run electric buses at 90 passengers each, with recharge stations at this point and at this point, along a route shown here, requiring road diversions here and enabling enlarged footpaths there” etc, then I could perhaps be happy to be consulted on that.

But the vision they have at present is more like Joseph Smith emerging from the desert and saying “I met Jesus and he said here is a plate made from Gold, but I’m not going to show you, you just have to believe me and follow me regardless…” that’s not a vision i can follow. I’m not a mormon.