The Eye of the Fish

August 4, 2014

Buildings on Walkabout

Has anyone seen this building lately?

It appears to have gone walkabout….

Speaking of which, the Creche of Compassion is getting moved again today…

4 - 08 - 14

Given that your lanky legged domicile was palced there to sell apartments down the road at the newly completed Nuovo develoopment, ( and from memory before that it was in Taranaki St to sell the Elevate block) So I am guessing it will turn up Stratum’s next project, wherever that is…

4 - 08 - 14

Although hopefully it might be a sign that something is actually going to happen on the Foodstuff site… we can but hope

Seamonkey Madness
4 - 08 - 14

Max, have you considered working for Weta? ;)

4 - 08 - 14

seamonkey – what’s to say that i don’t already…? :)

and yes, greenwelly / wellgary – I’m not sure what Stratum’s next move is – never actually got inside this wee timorous beastie, before it ran away, but I presume it will reappear, in some new guise, one day.

K Maloney
5 - 08 - 14

There’s a rumour that this is the site for a new Chinese embassy. As we live nearby, we’ve already re-named our cat Mouse-ey Tongue.

Josh Petyt
5 - 08 - 14

Just out of interest. How is one supposed to get into it? Pole vault?

5 - 08 - 14

There were some stairs, which were always locked off, and then they took them away shortly before they removed the building itself.

I’m enjoying seeing the building walking so much, that I might just leave this post up for all time…. Wonder if I can make it gallop?

6 - 08 - 14

Interesting – greenwelly refers to this as Nuovo, and your gif (nice! btw..) is also titled nuovo, which we could translate as New Egg perhaps, in a sort of pig-Latin (or in your case perhaps, cod-Latin).

But as can be seen on the building, it is actually called Nouvo, which perhaps may mean something more like No Egg? or No UV ? O? That’s a bit sad…

O !!!!

7 - 08 - 14

I think this building is now in Crofton Downs. It’s next to the Vet on Thatcher Crescent.

8 - 08 - 14

Daniel – interesting, thank you. I wonder if Stratum have got plans for a project out there next? Crofton Downs is getting a new supermarket I think, so maybe it is in line for some other new buildings as well? Even apartments? Medium density in suburbia? Whatever next ?!

9 - 08 - 14

Oh my god. K Maloney – you are so right.
How extraordinarily odd. Why would the Chinese want to be here?
Do they like cricket that much ?
Do they want to be near the motorway for a quick escape?
Is it the attraction of being near the Governor General’s front door?
Do they have a thing about Newtown?
Is it the attraction of having a McDonalds on their doorstep?
Or is it to save having to drive their children to school – it’s just across the road, so it is almost near enough to walk…