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January 14, 2013

Bus stop

Before we really get into the swing of things this year – one delightful piece of urban frippery – community design at its best – Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the Ohiro Road bus-stop.

Just delightful.

I was surprised and a little disappointed that WCC had advised that it was to be removed forthwith – and then I think that was quietly rescinded – hopefully it is still there. I’m cautiously optimistic that the good people of Brooklyn / Happy Valley will savour the goodness that is community action, and not spoil it for others. We even got sent a short film, before Christmas, which I have only just found in our emails – and if I can, I’ll insert a link to the clip: here. <-- Please click on this link and watch - its a lovely wee film. There is a history of community design, all over the world, from a time when we all did things ourselves, rather than wait for the Council to come and do it for us. I look forward to more examples of this turning up amongst our vibrant arty community! Turning bus stops into libraries has a fine heritage, as these examples show:
and this one, in Israel:

and here in Brazil

or even this little rustic beauty in Finland.

Our number in Ohiro Rd looks the most comfy though!

andy foster
14 - 01 - 13

Hi Maximus and Happy New Year to you and all the other contributors. I hope that there is plenty to get our collective teeth into in 2013 !

Also just to say I was disappointed to see the Council comment that the Owhiro Bay bus shelter furnishing would have to go. I confess I haven’t checked over the holiday season to see whether that has happened, but I think we should be celebrating the quirky and the fun and being a bit less regimented and orderly – especially when nobody (at least nobody reasonable) is harmed. Sure remove it if it all gets sodden in the wonderful summery weather we are having but … meantime a big ‘well done’ to the creative people who brought this bus shelter to life and no doubt put some smiles on the faces of passers by and bus patrons.

14 - 01 - 13

Thanks Councilor Foster – and welcome back to you too.
I checked tonight on the way home – its all still there. In fact, looking closely at it, there is not just a sofa, a lounge chair, a bookshelf and some books, but there is also now a clock on the wall, a framed picture, a DVD player (but, I suspect, no power to play it and no screen), and when I saw it, there was a pair of reading glasses, and a hot water bottle. It’s got more creature comforts than my home! Well done team Ohiro!

15 - 01 - 13

Hi Maximus
You need to have a photo of the Lyall Bay Bus Stop on Queens Drive. Its got a book shelf in it. Its been there for over a year and even made it into the Weekender of the Dominion Post. It got ripped out by vandals in the middle of last year and was promptly replaced by a new one a couple of weeks later. I must admit to finding some really nice books to read from this book shelf. Its also an excellent way of recycling your books and magazines.

15 - 01 - 13

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16 - 01 - 13

This appears to be it – although it is a while since I have bussed to the bay…

6 - 02 - 13

Down the hill from my house, so glad that it’s lasted this long.