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Lockdown’s first couple of days with cold rain and drizzle were a bit miserable, but then on Saturday we had possibly the most perfect weather I’ve ever seen in Wellington. There’s low-wind days, and then there is no-wind day. But the glassy mirror of the harbour at lunch time was just too perfect to resist any longer: it was a zero-wind day. As my local area…

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It may not seem much like it now, but the Haining St / Frederick St area is brimming full of remnants of an interesting characterful heritage past. It is in a state of change again right now, with the small-scale light industrial aspects of its past being removed, and a transplanting of a new wave of immigrants in the next phase of its life, with extensive…

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One of the things that really annoys me in life is when people deliberately try to obscure the truth. Trump, the GOP, climate-change deniers, Covid vaccine scarers – all highly stupid and irresponsible. But this sort of behaviour should never happen with quality practices of registered architects. A proposal has come into Council for a revision, of a revision, of a revision of a building that…