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Prince Rogers Nelson, androgynous funkster, talented musician, sexy motherfucka, and the soundtrack to my life, has died, aged only 57. We all thought it was bad enough to have Bowie and Rickman pass away so early at 67, just a month or two back, but for Prince to pass on to the afterlife a whole decade earlier than that, is just a truly tragic shame. He…

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It is April 1st, still, and yet this is not an April Fool joke – sadly, tragically, one of the world’s most influential architects, Zaha Hadid, has died at age 65. And yes, she was also a woman. She was also British, phlegmatic, born in Iraq, educated at the AA in London, and reputedly an absolute tyrant to work for, but she was, undoubtedly, a most…

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There has been a surprising move in the stoush over the design of the Pukeahu National War Memorial Skate-boarding Park. Although this blog has been a bit quiet recently (or half dead!), readers of more mainstream media may have picked up on the story that the original landscape architects of the park, Wraight Athfield, have been dropped for the extension on the corner of Taranaki St…