The Eye of the Fish

January 25, 2012

Lanterns of the Cross

A short, sharp, sweet and sour chilli post: aren’t the new Lanterns at the Southern Cross garden bar great? Love ’em !

Thanks for the pix Bambi – and thanks to the Southern Cross Bar for being so awesome. Whoever the architect is, deserves a medal I tell ya !

Gung Hai Fat Choy !

Re the year of the Dragon – I think we might be going to see a few more of these types of Dragons around the city over the next few months….

Watch out, or it’ll get ya…

30 - 01 - 12

A little birdy tells me John Mills Architects completed the Southern Cross redesign, and it won a Local award in 2006…

1 - 02 - 12

Thanks Russell – of course, you’re right. There’s only one man alive in the world today who can do colour like that, and still keep a straight face. Mills is a master at the eclectic in a building, and seemingly one of the few architects in town who doesn’t shriek and run away at the sight of a coloured paint-pot. In fact, he’s at home with anything not labelled white. I didn’t know he was into big ball lanterns, but maybe with the whole year of the Dragon thing, he’s in touch with his inner dragon.

The most magical time to see these big balls is at night – they’re on during the day as well, I think, but you can’t really see them – we have to hope they’re lit with LED or the electricity budget will be soaring. Only thing is, all the smokers congregate out the back in the garden as well. Can’t we get rid of them?