The Eye of the Fish

February 3, 2012

It’s that time of the year again…

Yep, the time of year to put on women’s clothing, and hang around in bars.

While I do enjoy seeing the supporters dress up and make fools of themselves – its one of Wellington’s best occasions – I don’t think I am going to be watching any of the rugby this year.

Actually, does anyone go there to watch the rugby? Or is it really all just about the creative costuming in Wellington? Please feel free to send us your pics, and we’ll post them up here for perpetuity. contact @ eye…you know the rest

3 - 02 - 12

I wish I were there to step into panties and a maxi-dress with a fabulous wig, but I’m stuck in Auckland.

I envy you Wellington; with the Sevens you have Bacchanalia.

3 - 02 - 12

It’s Bachanalia pretty much all the time here in Wellington! 376 bars/cafes and only 180,000 people. That’s, ummm, lots.

3 - 02 - 12

Still, nothing to stop you wearing a wig, a dress, and women’s knickers – even if you do live in Auckland – I understand it’s all part of the relaxed dress code up there anyway?

John H
4 - 02 - 12

The best reason I’ve heard why the Sevens is so popular with women is that it is the one occasion they can dress like (ahem…) “ladies of the night” and no one (particularly other women) can say anything bad against them. Certainly a couple of female friends I know who regularly attend take a great deal of delight in wearing the most revealing costumes you can imagine (not too dissimilar to what that lovely lass is wearing in the photo above) yet they wouldn’t be seen dead wearing such clothing at any other time of the year.

4 - 02 - 12

So it’s our secret fantasy that we all want to dress like tarts? The perfect wife is a saint in public and a whore in the bedroom?

4 - 02 - 12

Normally if you wander around Wellington dressed in your fetish clothes people will point, shout “pervert”, and throw things at you to keep you away from their children. But for two days people get to walk around the city dressed as a gimp or a furry or a stripper or a nappy-wearing baby and no-one minds. You don’t even have to go near a rugby game.

One of the charities that collects on the streets every year features collectors dressed in fur suits. My sneaking suspicion is that the charity doesn’t exist and its just a group of furrys wanting to flaunt their deviance in public without feeling an appropriate level of shame.

7 - 02 - 12

I couldn’t care less about the rugby, but I did take my junior Wellingtonians downtown for dinner on Friday to enjoy the atmosphere and laugh at the costumes. Wellington can be a bit boring – dark suits, heads down, rushing to the office, and not a lot of interaction between people in public. We didn’t go to the rugby, but we did enjoy the hyped-up and friendly atmosphere on the streets, and that was worth the trip to town.