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Uh-oh! Were architects once one of the most-trusted professions on the planet? Certainly way more trustable and capable than Estate Agents or Journalists, and way way above Politicians and Used Car Salesmen, there used to be an aura of invincibility amongst architects. Cool, calm and collected, aloof from the commonplace skulduggery and the boring day-to-day dalliance of the bourgeoisie. Not any more, so it seems, according…

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Thirty years is a long time to think about a sequel. Many sequels try to equal the original, most sequels fail, miserably. If Blade Runner was such a gloriously influential cult film, how do you top it with a sequel of any sort? But as you probably know by now, Blade Runner 2049 is not bad at all. Arguably, its fantastic, if we want to have…

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Going to see Blade Runner again on Saturday night was like sleeping with an old friend that you had not seen for years. It was exciting, but not entirely unexpected; it was what you remembered, but with other parts you had forgotten how they went together; it was like being home at last, but it was also just as good as the first time. There is…