The Eye of the Fish

September 26, 2012

Drop, Cover, Hold

Earthquake ! 9.26 this morning – earth quake drill. You’re supposed to Drop to the floor, take Cover under your Desk, and Hold onto something.


I don’t even fit under my desk. I’m Doomed.

And what is all that nonsense about having 3 litres of water in your office, per person. Is anyone really expecting that we are going to keep on working at our desks, merrily sipping water, after the big one?

I just dunno. Yes, as all the Scouts know, Be Prepared!

Seamonkey Madness
26 - 09 - 12

Hmmmm, you’d think a fish would need that 3 litres of water in case any of theirs slopped out of their bowl in the event of a decent wobble? ;)

26 - 09 - 12

Ha ! Thanks – yes, might need a bit more than that !

The Count
26 - 09 - 12

The New Zealand Spectator, 2 January 1850. An interesting story…
“A Novel Match. —The dead-alive remnant of fashion which yet remains in Paris was aroused to as much interest as could be compatible with the state of the thermometer, by a singular wager which had been concocted by two of our most fashionable lionnes. This was no other than a swimming match between the renowned Madame de C , and the bold Marquise de B , who undertook to accomplish the, distance between the Pont Neuf and the Pont Notre Dame in a given time, being allowed the use of the left hand only, the other to be occupied in holding a green parasol, to screen the visage of the fair swimmer from the rays of the sun, which darted down upon the waters like a- furnace. Notwithstanding the secrecy which had attended all the circumstances of the expedition, some bird of the air had evidently carried the matter ; for long before the appointed hour for starting, the usually quiet naked river was crowded with the little boats belonging to the various canotiers of Paris, while the various bathing machines were all alive with spectators, in their rather romantic and picturesque attire generally imitated from the old masters (the very oldest master*, indeed), who lined the edges of .the huge arks wherein the Parisian ‘ gentlemen and ladies love on sultry summer days to cool and disport themselves. They say that it was Count de C himself who sat at the head of the boat in which the fair rivala had been conveyed to the midst of the river, and who gave the signal for starting by’ hoisting a little blue flag. • At the summons 1 the fair Naiades plunged most resolutely over either side of the boat, and were soon beheld gliding along rapidly as the stream. The ladies were both attired in loose wide trowsers of fine cachmere, white striped with blue, the waist bound with a scarlet belt, a shirt of the finest cambric, with short sleeves. The Marquise de B is of a dark Moorish complexion, and her jet black tresses were confined by a net of scarlet silk, adorned with braid and tassels, while the golden locks of her companion were secured upon a roller, and shortened round her neck 4 la gamin de Paris. Neither of the fair champions was faint or weary for a single moment, but conducted themselves most bravely — the winner being the*dark-eyed Marquise, who won the victory but by an arm’s length. After the motch, the company interested therein, and. winch consisted of all the notabilities of fashion * and literature yet spared to us, adjourned ?lo? lo a magnificent entertainment given at the ladies* swimming bath at the Hotel Lambert, where dancing and lansquenet were kept up till a late hour. — Atlas.”

60 MPa
26 - 09 - 12

One of the most sensible inclusions I have heard of in an office disaster-preparedness kit was a mate of mine who keeps a pair of running shoes/sneakers/sand shoes in her bug-out bag.
She can wear heels to the office but get into flats when required.

All-time best inclusion has to be the climbing ropes found in the highrise in Chch that had all the staircases collapse (Forsyth Barrr?) – if memory serves that was the factor that got them down to where the crane could lift them out later?

One of the best preparedness ideas thats not often mentioned is staying reasonably fit

27 - 09 - 12

24 hours after our ‘big one’ I’m still stuck in my home office, with my legs trapped under falling piles of earthquake preparedness volumes. My 3 litre bottle of water cushioned my fall, bursting and spreading across the floor, and I’ve been able to listen to the radio on my pocket transistor, but the batteries are running low. My flashlight was unfortunately left on an upper shelf, and has been smashed into pieces in the falling of the chimney. All I have is an Internet connection to the Eye of the Fish….

27 - 09 - 12

Gosh. I don’t quite know what to say….