The Eye of the Fish

June 6, 2014

Groin Screens and the Presents of the Droid

I had an interesting, Fish out of Water, other-worldly experience last weekend. Yes, I went to Armageddon. Some of you may think that I spend my entire tiny life on another planet, but this experience was definitely like living in a parallel universe. There were people wearing spandex, with cod-pieces, and underpants over tights. There were many people of indeterminate origin, begarbed as aliens of indeterminate planet, from ages with indeterminate space-time continuum, and beset with wigs of indeterminate materials. There were many androids in attendance, but they were not the droids I was looking for. Many people were in costume – no one else was disguised as a giant Fish – which meant that I fitted right in, as many people just thought I was a cos-play Nemo. More than once I heard the cry go up “I’ve found Nemo!” which was sweet, but unoriginal. Not so the fans. Originality was, well, compulsory. I’ll post a few pics for your pleasure…

Just what WAS sweet legless Robin doing with the medieval Viking maidens?

Most impressive was the Elf Queen and her entourage.

There were Zombies, and it does indeed seem as if the Zombie apocalypse is soon to be upon us, as the Zombies were running, and groaning, and being filmed… instead of their normal slow shuffling pace. These two charming zombies, once living flesh, now sadly deceased, clearly didn’t like the taste of Fish. It was human flesh they were after. Their pock-marked skin almost impossible to tell apart from the ranks of acne-battle-scarred teenagers, I was most impressed by the Zombie Nation…

And then there was IronMan himself….

7 - 06 - 14

“When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things.”

7 - 06 - 14

JP – not sure if the comment is aimed at me or at the people cosplaying – but hey, gotta be in to experience it! I like the way that the youth of today seem to know that the real world is all a bit fucked up, and so they just think, hey, may as well dress up and have fun anyway!

7 - 06 - 14

Apropos of nothing, the quote of the day is from Ben Uffindell:
“The Civilian Party was “not a joke” and had every right to the funding as it met all the legal criteria for a legitimate political party.

“We would not be allowed to accept the money if our party weren’t real,” he said. “There are other joke parties getting funding, like the Conservatives and ACT. You can’t tell me people are taking Colin Craig seriously.”