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April 16, 2011

We are governed by idiots


I’m staggered at how bad this government is.
Take this pitiful offering for example. How did she ever get to be elected?

Or the amount of legislation that is passed under urgency – a quite staggering amount, deliberately chosen to stifle debate and circumvent the processes specifically set up to avoid bad law. Seventeen separate Acts where the vitally crucial Select Committee stage has been avoided. It’s well known that without the Select Committees having had a chance to think through the finer points of the proposed law, only Bad Law results. Grant Robertson and David Farrar have joined hands as a stand on this one: that shows that there are some serious issues, if those two have got together! So, what have we got?

There’s the Copyright law, pushed through a couple of days ago, which subjugates NZ rights to the bullshit demands of American corporations.

There’s the Canterbury Earthquake legislation, which allows CERA to ignore every rule and guideline on the books, and do whatever the hell they want. That’s an extraordinary powerful piece of legislation – without parallel in NZ history except in cases of war – and all to avoid having to discuss or consult. I’m surprised that they didn’t incorporate the ability to set the death penalty while they were at it – or perhaps they have, and no one knows it yet.

They even passed a bill for National Standards in Schools, which is a fantastically pointless right-wing piece of ideology that leaves the realms of logic and practicality far behind. Well worthy of debate: but passed in a twinkling, sans debate.

Then there was the Privacy Act. The 90-day Rule. The Taxation (Urgent Measures and Annual Rates) Bill. Sentencing (Offences Against Children) Amendment Bill. Environment Canterbury (Temporary Commissioners and Improved Water Management) Bill – that’s the one where they sacked all the elected officials because they wouldn’t pass allow dairy farmers to keep expanding water use over the Canterbury plains. Local Government (Auckland Reorganisation) Bill. That was a shocker, especially with the axing of the 2 token maori seats, and that has come back to bite National in the bum in a big way… Never leave Rodney Hide / Hyde to do your dirty work for you. The list goes on – and the full list is here at Granny Herald.


Not that I am enamoured of the Opposition either, mind you. It seems obvious to the whole country, except for one man, that Goff has the charisma of a snail and will never win the election and never run the country – he’s the straw man put into the unenviable position of trying to take the shoes of Helen Clark. He will be replaced immediately after the next election, without a doubt – there is no-one wanting to take the poisoned chalice of Labour Leader at this late stage of the game. After the Election, after the Wugby, an obligatory knife-fight by Labour luvvies will turf him out if he has not already fallen on his sword.

In the mean time, I continue to be staggered. Normal urban discussion transmission may be resumed at some stage in the future.

Post-script: Updated for reasons apparent only in the comments section below. What building triggers memories of Kylie’s hotpants for you?

16 - 04 - 11

Surely it’s time for another decent post about Wellington Architecture…

16 - 04 - 11

It’s wet. It’s raining. And, as of recent, there hasn’t been any recent, decent, new Wellington Architecture…

16 - 04 - 11

Agreed. we are ruled by idiots.

It’s a near fatal flaw of democracy that we vote for the most likeable people rather than the best qualified.

16 - 04 - 11

who cares about architecture while people are making a farce of our democracy. Just a reminder the blog says “architecture, urban design, and LIFE”
Kind of a big category that.

16 - 04 - 11

It can be good a laugh though:

16 - 04 - 11

Aaah, minimus, you are still here. I was getting worried about you. Some more excellent posts from you would go down well… I’m kinda busy right now.

Josh, we’ll do what we can to keep you happy. Suggestions always welcome… I had this great idea last night in a dream, that involved likening some building to Kyle Minogue in her gold llame hotpants. However, upon awaking, I haven’t a clue as to what building I was thinking about. Kind of got distracted. So: a competition just for you: what building reminds You of Kylie in gold hotpants? And I’ll add a picture just to remind you…

Sav – that was i posted in the second line of the post – if you click on “this pitiful offering” you get her. Even my grandmother is more net savvy than her – and Gran has been dead for years. How come when they are having a serious debate about a serious subject, the opposition are all up and down and howling Objections and Points of Order, yet when Ms Numpty-Idiot of the year witters on and on without a clue, no one bothers to shout her down or throw their sandals at her?

And lastly – Seaphorm – you know, it’s time for a new political party to be formed. This lot, National, Labour, Maori, Act et al – they’re all pathetic and should be scrapped. Time for a new party! Being NZ and all, and not being interested in the Tea Party, and this being Wellington with the world’s greatest concentration of cafes, perhaps we need a new brew: the Coffee Party!

16 - 04 - 11

yes, minimus is still here although just barely. hopefully will be able to do something interesting soon.

and here’s a go at kylie in gold lamé hotpants

16 - 04 - 11

that’s incredible! So close to my dream – yet different. How did you come to find that? Don’t tell me that you just googled “buildings that look like Kylie” !!

16 - 04 - 11

close enough “gold building”

16 - 04 - 11

sorry – correction: “gold buildings” – first one in image search.

16 - 04 - 11

to answer your original question, and get the subject a little bit back on topic: re your “pitiful offering” at the top – she did not get elected in as member for Ohariu-Belmont. She was on the list.

That’s one thing right there that is wrong with the present system of government: stacking the list. The list as a system should be scrapped. MPs not directly voted in should get appointed on the amount of votes they have been given by their electorate – there are a whole lot of incompetent fools in parliament right now, that have gained access via that list.

16 - 04 - 11

unless you were thinking of this kylie minogue in gold lamé, which I have no idea what building would match that

16 - 04 - 11

Och, that’s just pure dead brilliant that is. He’s certainly pulling in the gay crowd as well…. of which I’ve never quite understood: just why is Kylie so popular with gay men?

I thought that, given her cuteness and evident exuding sexuality, that she’d be popular with the hetero crowd more, but her fan base seems to be mainly young girls and older gay blokes. She’s not got a great following amongst us Fish, being as she has no flippers and all.

Old grey beard 60mPa gets all het up about Joan Jett and her black leather pants, which again seems to be a sexual fetish thing – popular with both gay and straight I’m lead to believe… but isn’t Joan Jett an icon for the crowd that frequent the Isle of Lesbos? Does that mean that 60 is a closet dyke? I mean, who cares? But, just what IS a bog-standard heterosexual, meterosexual, whatevero-sexual able to lust after nowadays?

16 - 04 - 11

1984, it seems, is only just around the corner. Especially if Steve Kilgallon is right about the self-appointed anti-PC brigades.

“Like any good PR man, the kingpins of the “PC gone mad” tribe have subtly built this campaign against a concept that never existed on a fine tissue of outrageous lies, published in in-house journals like Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper. The tales of the European Union insisting all bananas must be straight. Schoolteachers changing the lyrics of “Baa Baa Black Sheep” to “Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep”, and the blackboard becoming the chalkboard. Travellers beheading ducks and eating them.

They’re all rubbish, but 1984 has finally come to pass: we’re all stupid enough to believe them.

With this basic fabric established, any slight societal change that they don’t like is hooted down with cries of “It’s PC gone mad”. A quick search this past week discovered the following things that the parrots have lately declaimed in such a fashion: the use of macrons in Maori place names (from a Kapiti Coast councillor), defending Paul Henry’s moronic comments on TVNZ (various listeners) and a racist British MP being sacked.”

60 MPa
17 - 04 - 11

Ol bug eyes Katrina has no fecking clue but, to be fair, neither does Melissa Lee.
Apparently teh Interwebs is a bunch of tubes.

Up here in Ohariu we vote for Peter “unfeasible hair” Dunne because his constituency work is so good that the other day he sent a letter looking for problems. No shit.
He mails us a letter asking if we’re ok. Feel the love.

Also Dunne is one of the few advocates for us hunters.

Party vote is another matter…

As for Kylie the budgie, while she’s not quite my cup of tea seeing as she’s 4″11″ in the old measure and a bit lacking in the tits dept (too soon?) I believe that what you have missed about her following amongst queer folk is that dance music has a strong gay following.
In other news, grass is green and water is believed to be a tad damp.

Dance music is something that you don’t listen to with your critical faculties (unlike the steadily worsening band “The Strokes”) but something that you MOVE to.
Young girls understand cos they just wanna dance and I guess the queer crowd do too cos they like to shake their asses.
If you are curious as to where the great morass that is modern sexuality is all going I’d suggest an advice column called Savage Love
read a few and you’ll understand the new moral core of relationships proposed and it’s actually pretty reasonable.

I resent being accused of having a beard – facial hair is for those with weak chins.

It’s nearly as bad as people referring to my girlfriend as my “partner” – that’s like saying I’m having sex with a lawyer – Ewww. Everyone knows that lawyers are pondscum.

I’ll cop to being old though, 41.

17 - 04 - 11

“just what IS a bog-standard heterosexual, meterosexual, whatevero-sexual able to lust after nowadays?” >>> Justin Bieber, by the look of it. But can you get back to the subject of buildings?

17 - 04 - 11

Deep Red and 60 – I’ve just rescued you from the depths of the spam filter – thanks for your comments.

KK – point taken. I’ll get straight onto it then…