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Fascinating to see the hubbub over the announcements today from Labour of a revised policy over housing sales. From the Nats there is a wild panicked squealing as their fat little piggies suddenly realise that perhaps they should not have all their spare money in property. Accusations of a new Capital Gains Tax from Ardern, despite there already being a “Bright Line” test in existence, which…

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I’m confused – and I think that Wellington City Council might be a little confused as well. We have a great little capital down here at the end of the motu, which is growing at a steady rate. Those extra people and extra houses need to go somewhere, that’s for sure, but surely the “where” is as important as the “what”. We’ve got additional extra apartment…

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One of the sad and weird things happening in New Zild under the previous National government, was a complete denial of any form of “housing crisis”, when fairly clearly things were getting completely out of control. Their governmental response was “hands-off” to the point of idiocy – they didn’t even have a Minister of Housing. Nada. Zilch. Nothing. No Minister, no housing, no crisis, no problem!…

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Good news today – at least I think its good news. WCC is to build 750 more houses, in order to help relieve the incredibly tight housing market we have here. It’s got ALL the buzz words we want to hear: New, Affordable, Social, Warm, Dry, Housing, funded from a ring-fenced fund which won’t cost anything to the ratepayer. Seriously: what more could you want? It’s…

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Wellington is in an interesting place right now. We are not growing as fast as they are in Auckland, but I don’t hear anyone complaining over that. Auckland’s growth figures in housing cost are frightening in both the short term and the long term, with a property bubble seeming ready to pop. It is a volatile situation, on the verge of being totally out of control,…

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One of the main reasons that we should all be very wary of the Government stepping in to “sort out councils” and “provide low-cost housing” is that, judging by their efforts in Canterbury, they have not got a clue about what they are doing. This recent article in The Press didn’t make it into our papers up here, but the picture tells the story all too…

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Shane Jones – Minister of Building and Construction – is looking to change portions of the Resource Management Act, aiming to reduce the costs associated with building homes. Affecting both a range of project scales, the proposals represent a relaxation of the Act’s strict dictates. On the smaller scale it looks like DIY-ers will face less restrictions when performing minor alterations to their own property. That…