One of the sad and weird things happening in New Zild under the previous National government, was a complete denial of any form of “housing crisis”, when fairly clearly things were getting completely out of control. Their governmental response was “hands-off” to the point of idiocy – they didn’t even have a Minister of Housing. Nada. Zilch. Nothing. No Minister, no housing, no crisis, no problem! Sell more milk products instead!
Thankfully those idiots have gone and we have in place a government who at least acknowledge that there is an issue – a serious issue, some may call it a crisis – and plan to do something about it. Plans being announced today are for a new Ministry of Housing and Urban Development to be created, (MoHaUD ? MHAUD? MAUDE?), which will take parts of other places like the Treasury. Stuff reports that:

“It would encompass the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s (MBIE) housing and urban policy functions, its KiwiBuild unit and the Community Housing Regulatory Authority, Treasury’s monitoring of Housing New Zealand and the Tāmaki Redevelopment Company.
The Ministry of Social Development would keep its function assessing and managing people’s need for public housing; however, its policy for emergency, transitional and public housing would become part of the new ministry.”

So, MBIE, that itself sprang out of (or overtook) the DBH (Department of Building and Housing), which itself was in response to the BIA (Building Industry Authority), is to be divested of the Housing aspect, but presumably still retains the Building part. That’s a shame really – seems more logical to have one minister in charge of both Building and Housing, as they are indeed part of each other, and to be blunt, the current Minister of Construction is badly lacking in experience or knowledge of the subject. Missing from this conglomeration is, however, the actual full entity of Housing New Zealand Corporation, which is also rather odd. Surely if you have a Ministry of Housing, it should have oversight and control over Housing NZ Corp?
Fairly predictably, the spiteful little troll Collins has come straight out and said that National will undo it as soon as it gets re-elected, but that is not looking likely to happen for at least a term, so Phil Twyford has 2 years to make it work. It is due to come into being on October 1st.
The Eye of the Fish thinks that the new Ministry is a good idea, as long as it is given a decent chance and staffed with people who know what to do. The big question will be: who to appoint as the CEO or Head Honcho to get things moving. I’ve got a few people in mind that would be good to have on that list. Let’s hope that Phil Twyford has them on speed-dial as well.

Post script: Couldn’t find it at the time, but now have got it – the full list of who is on the Housing Advisory Panel. Surprise surprise, I’m not mentioned. Is your name there? The full list is:
Housing and Urban Development Ministerial Advisory Group

The Group has 10 members. They reflect diverse perspectives and experience in a range of areas across the housing and urban development sector.

Their role is to work with the Minister for Housing and Urban Development and his officials to help inform policy development and communicate with, and update stakeholders on a range of urban and housing issues.

Members are:

Chair Teena Hale Pennington who has extensive experience working with infrastructure development and in environmental and organisational management. She is Chief Executive Officer of the NZ Institute of Architects and Deputy Chair of the Construction Industry Council.

Shamubeel Eaqub – economist, commentator, academic.

Rau Hoskins – Māori housing, architecture, design and housing researcher.

Philippa Howden-Chapman – academic investigating health, housing, energy, climate change and sustainable cities.

David Kelly – Chief Executive Officer of Registered Master Builders

Andrew King – Executive Officer of the NZ Property Investors’ Federation.

Roine Lealaiauloto – Pacific peoples focus and Chief Executive of Penina Health Trust.

Angela Maynard – tenancy support coordinator of the Auckland Tenants Protection Association.

Mark Todd – property developer and co-founder and Managing Director of Ockham Residential and the Ockham Foundation.

Scott Figenshow – Chief Executive Community Housing Aotearoa

Their terms of reference are here.

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