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At the risk of raising the hackles of the designers of the revised Library design, who appear to have positioned an overly-large bedside table next to the beloved crinkly face of the Wellington Library, Te Matapihi, I’d like to explore the concept of “The Portal” a little further. I hope that you don’t mind. I used to call it the Portico, but I’ve been very firmly…

7 Min Read

When I’m not posting up here, it’s generally because I’m busy doing other things, but recently, because I’ve been following the war in Ukraine with horror. Doom scrolling, if you will, but I find it amazing that Putin thinks this was a good idea. I know that it is not the purpose of this blog to debate the war in Ukraine – but on the other…

9 Min Read

The unveiling of the scheme for the revised central Wellington Library has had an interesting effect. Some people have been shocked at the price, of around $188 million, but I checked back on the estimates spoken about at the time, and that is bang on target from what they estimated when the Council voted to do it. Others have said they are aghast at the architectural…