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A timely and interesting post from the WCC, showing a list of relevant accommodation providers, that may or may not have issues similar to the Loafer’s Lodge, which, as we all know, tragically burnt down and killed people. No one wants a repeat of that sordid mess, and so the great thing is that the WCC are being pro-active and trying to get ahead of the…

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It’s seldom that projects get publicly notified these days – the developers usually have it their own way with everything being done behind closed doors. You have to do something seriously different to raise the ire of the Planning Department enough that they feel they have no option but to make it known to the public. The Adelaide Hotel is one such scheme. There’s an existing…

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What’s happening Wellington? From being a dead city that no one knows what to do with (thanks honky johnkey), Wellington now seems to be the place-de-jour for hotels. Castles has got one going opposite Davy Jones (very clever placement there Alex!), there is a proposal for one on the site next to the Michael Fowler Centre (are you not forgetting the giant underground tank for holding…

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It was too soon to shut down shop and say Merry Christmas, it seems. The debacle that is currently underway on the foreshore is too much – it’s hard to believe that the process could have gone so badly wrong, so quickly. Let’s recap: 1. The Convention Centre was to have been on land between Cable and Wakefield St, nestled in between apartment buildings and enjoying…

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For a brief moment in time it seemed as though time had stood still, and that El Terry had given up finishing it, but then it was restarted with new contractors who actually seemed keen to complete the project. It’s one of the more complex developments Wellington has seen for a number of years: taking a barren empty site and layering on it a monster carpark…