The Eye of the Fish

May 25, 2018

Timber thingee

This has appeared. More on it soon – but for now, just some photos. Your thoughts?



25 - 05 - 18

It’s quite beautiful really, isn’t it ?

26 - 05 - 18

A little bit Heatherwick?

26 - 05 - 18

Like a Heatherwick after a haircut? Hmmm, yes, maybe. It certainly is rather beautiful at the moment. There’s an awful lot of wood there. All cedar.

29 - 05 - 18

I think it’s completely gorgeous – though why, why they didn’t slap a sheet of perspex over the top of it I don’t know. I’d happily sit there for lunch (well wrapped) but for the rain going *through*.

Some accessibility folk were miffed at the slippery decking without handrails (?) didn’t know that was a thing…

29 - 05 - 18

That’s a good point Isabella – about the waterproofing. A sheet of perspex over the top would, of course, look ugly from up above – and I was wondering whether they had managed to secret in a hidden layer of perspex in between the top and the bottom ie somewhere in the middle – but it seems that they haven’t. And if they had tried to, it would just fill up with grunge and then not look nice at all, and by then, of course, be impossible to clean out… So therefore it is all “open” to the sky. I’m almost tempted to go do there today in the wind and rain, to see the effect of the rain on the “shelter” but I think I know already what the answer may be….

30 - 05 - 18

Another great addition to the contrasts down there – concrete and water, heritage flanked by swanky new builds, glass and now wood…..probably needs a bit more greenery?

Otherwise, coming along nicely.