It was hard to ignore all the hype, but I managed. I went away for the weekend to a remote hut in the bush, with no electricity or internet or tv, just a fireplace and a transistor radio, which I turned off when the Royal Wedding started. I’m clearly not one of these sad pathetic people:
but nor am I yet one of these Republicans (in the true, non-American sense of the word) who held their annual conference in London at the same time as the wedding of Harry and Sally:
Meanwhile some of my friends were having a party in Greenwich in London. Perfect day for a party in a park.
But did I miss anything? Well, yes, apart from everything – the thing I have gathered from the coverage since getting back to dry land – is the car that Harry drove away in. Full marks there, both for style and for innovation.
Let’s face it – the Prius is an ugly car, and badly designed, with no headroom for anyone larger than a dwarf in the back, and no discernable element of style that I can see. It’s the main reason why I haven’t got an electric car – its ugly and its boring, both cardinal sins for architects.

Whereas this repurposed E-type is as gorgeous as ever (the most beautiful car ever made?) and, despite the sacrilege of taking the v8 or v12 engine out, the wonderful thing is that they have made it powered by electrickery. All the papers commented on that – no one seemed to have commented on it being a left-hand drive. Clearly then it has been made either in the USA, or from a car that was sourced in the USA, much like the bride. In fact, the car is a metaphor for the whole Royal family really. A brilliantly styled, wonderful old anachronism, great at pomp and pageantry, updated with a vital upgrade of American energy and invigoration.

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