The Eye of the Fish

May 12, 2019

Planning for Growth

Not wanting to put too great a Dil Fonseca spin on it, but Wellington’s future currently hangs in the balance. WCC are canvasing the people as to what that future may look like, but it seems to have got scant consideration by the public so far. This is really what we should ALL be discussing right now, but instead we have people debating whether the Library should stay or go. Surely something is more important than just one building – ie the entire city?

Council has identified four possible scenarios. They want comments on these by this coming Friday ie 17 May at 5pm. You can read about it here.

Scenario 1: Inner City Focus

Scenario 2: Suburban Centres Focus

Scenarios 3 and 4: New Greenfield suburb and suburb extensions

13 - 05 - 19

My apologies for the weird brown text above – serves me right for cutting and pasting straight from the Council’s documents. Some of the links will still work, and take you to the correct council document, although most won’t.

Main thing is: post here and comment, but even more important – post comments to the Council. Only 4.5 days to go !

13 - 05 - 19

the thing to ask yourself is: would picture one (Mt Vic) be an acceptable response to you?
Or would picture two (Ohariu Valley?) be an acceptable response?

Neither? And if neither, then what?

13 - 05 - 19

To be Honest, I think the Council have predetermined the outcome of this already, and really I’m pretty sure its going to be a re-endorsement of the current “growth spine” approach,…with some tinkering

It clear they are heavily against 3/4, so its likely a mix of 1 and 2 will prevail, places like Johnsonville and Tawa town will become targets for more intensive development, (although the council wont so anything to stop the organic expansion of currently consented greenfield development (Sprawl) in places like Stebbings Valley and Lincolnshire farms,

Along with this transport spines such as Adelaide road appear to finally becoming economic to develop with 5-6 story apartment so that will likely to be encouraged..