1 Min Read

It’s Christmas once again, and we’re on a break. Let’s face it, no one reads a website when it is sunny outside, and no one much is reading this blog any more anyway, so despite the newsy things we could write about, like the architect being announced for the new Chinese Embassy at the Basin Reserve, or the debate over new housing proposed for Shelly Bay…

5 Min Read

It’s not just Bunny Walters and ZsaZsa Gabor that have gone to meet their maker in the last few days – it is the building at 61 Molesworth St that is quickly shuffling off this mortal coil. They say that modern buildings have a 50 year life span – Zsa Zsa got to 99, Bunny got to 63 – but ICI only just passed 50. Almost…

2 Min Read

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts! Or, is it?!” proclaimed no one in the furore which surrounded Wellington’s rapid reopening after the 7.8 Kaikoura quake. Well. I think someone should have. With the dust firmly settled – at least for now – from last month’s earthquake, it is timely to note how this most fabled designer’s maxim extends far past the aesthetic….

7 Min Read

Down at the old Harbour Board building this week for the launch of the Wellington City Council Heritage Index (an excellent resource, long overdue, and very welcome), we were in the Boardroom of the old Harbour Board, with ancient faces staring down at us disapprovingly. There we were, mostly women, and on the walls, old, white, bearded, frowning men looked down, as we talked about heritage….