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March 25, 2008

Fwd: An open letter to the NZIA

While vaguely in the political arena, I thought I would take a moment to help propogate a recently written address to the New Zealand Institute of Architects. The address follows on from the (relatively) recent Pacific Students of Architecture Congress, and details some of the problems surrounding the disciple of architecture that were explored by the conference.

My knowledge on NZIA matters is fairly limited, so im going to refrain from commentary. But please, feel free to add your say – this is certainly an important issue.

An open letter to the NZIA [pdf]

25 - 03 - 08

That disciple of architecture… notoriously cheap and arrogant, women complain he’s a generally terrible date, and he refuses to wear anything other than a crumpled brown linen jacket and wanky spectacles. Frankly, he’s giving the rest of the disciples a bad name and it’s about time someone did something about it.

27 - 03 - 08

Its curious that there haven’t been more comments – thanks Sarah, I’ll buy a new jacket! :-)

The timing on this is very apt though, especially with the comments from Shane Jones as noted in the previous post, and the proposals contained in the Appendix: especially 2.1 – that “The NZIA must speak as a public advocate on issues…”

So far, despite a Minister of the Crown having publicly slagged architects and their designs (widely presumed to be through ignorance and ill-advisement, rather than malice), the NZIA appears to have made no comments, either publicly or privately. Who needs friends as an architect, if the management is so clearly unattentive?

Point 3.4 seems highly appropriate “The NZIA needs a functioning media communications position that produces press releases about NZ housing, urban or infrastructure issues. This is not particularly difficult or controversial.”…..

27 - 03 - 08

I was interested in joining the NZIA. However as an architect(with 10 years experience in Melbourne) who is now working in Urban Design in Wellington, I was declined membership. Apparently the NZIA is only for architects working in a strictly architectural discipline. This narrow definition seems to one of the things limiting the current architectural debates emerging from the NZIA.

27 - 03 - 08

Margie, that’s unfortunate. But possibly not entirely unexpected. A few years ago a category of Colleague was created, for the intention of providing a home for people such as yourself. However, due to abuse from a (presumably small) few, I understand that that category of membership has been removed.