The Eye of the Fish

August 6, 2011

Upper Hutt, where dreams don’t come true

We like a little bit of self parody at the Fish. This is brilliant. Sad, brutally honest, and yet, still brilliant. Listen to the lyrics y’all. Taking Jay-Z and Alicia Keys best work in the best city, and applying it wholesale (what else, given the locale)… Best / most poignant line for me was when she sang that “nobody would even care… if the City was to up and disappear…”

….sounds harsh, but hey, if we can’t laugh at ourselves, what hope is there? Speaking of which, coming up next then, I better find that promotional video about Wainuiomata…

So: this one’s going out to all my bitches in the Upper Hutt posse, you know who you are, oh yeah…

6 - 08 - 11

DomPost be reportin that:
“With almost 10,000 views in three days since being posted, the video, featuring Vinny Rittossa and Emma Judd, has proved to be a online sensation – with most viewers in favour of it.”

60 MPa
7 - 08 - 11

Brilliant – looks like the night shots were from the Wainui Hill lookout?

7 - 08 - 11

8 - 08 - 11

Upper Hutt….

You have to ask why.