The Eye of the Fish has been a little quiet of late, mostly due to workload. We’ve also been doing a little work on the back of house stuff – or at least Philip will be. Maximus has at last formatted a proper archive, which will be permanently available here, in the Archive. Philip has reconnected the Archives button at the top of the screen to the actual Archive, so that you can go back in time and look for what has been written before. In the mean time, it may not be exciting to you, but we’re relieved to have it done at last:

The Archives of the Fish
Every post of ours ever written, starting in January 2008:
First Post
Heads Up #1
Ohtel by the Park
New Farm for Ohariu
To Rail or Not to Rail

Gosh, we worked hard back then. Here is the list for February 2008:
Fly my pretty roofs!
State of Shock?
Does my building look big in this?
Wow indeed
The Forest Grows
Light Rail Redux
New Solace
Two steps forward, one back
Stop Transits Tunnels
Heads Up #2
Oriental Rooflines
Rock 2 Wellington
Follow up: Athfield at Kumutoto
Last chances
To build a painting
Body movie(ing)

March 2008:
The strange death of architectural criticism
Courtenay 2.0
Derek and Jen
Barrio and Bellagio
The Hilton vanishes?
This post just received Resource Consent
Fwd: an Open letter to the NZIA
No affordable housing?

April 2008:
Chew on this
There is no housing shortage in New Zealand
Win a trip to Flosten Paradise
Apartment survey
Congestion Pricing roadmap
Courtenay loses some parks; gains a Park

May 2008:
Transport – the route ahead
Overseas makeover
Wellington Hospital – the 800lb gorilla sitting in the corner that no one admits is there
Supreme and enduring awards
WAM Bam Thank you Ma’am
Suffragette City

June 2008:
She’s a total blam blam
Mill Creek Wind Farm
Ngauranga to Airport (Part 2)
Rising up in the blogosphere – or Lost in Transmission?
Pews on wheels; Heritage on the move

July 2008:
Wagamama joins Mojo at Kumutoto
Dude, where’s my gas station?
Boondoggle Gully
Jolly Green Giants
Wellington construction corpses

August 2008:
Resource Management Act: Discuss
Courtenay Park update
Te Karo Park
Construction methodologies
Civic News
Snip Snap: Sardines, Oysters, Snappers … and Tagging
Beauty, Damnation and Architecture
Property Council conference 08
Inner City residential

September 2008:
St George and St Mary
Two Pensions?
The right to write
Do it once, do it right
Civic Trust Award winners
Get your skates on
Icon get no satisfaction

October 2008:
Anyone fluent in Squiggle?
Wellington on a good day…
Design for the sun
What’s happening on Holland?
Coffee you feel!
Athfield rolling on
Athfield’s fractured facade
Hemlines up? Super-tall towers? Myths discussed

November 2008:
Johnsonville Mall
Fish Cash Scandal
Fireworks for Obama Day
So: the End of an Era
End of year degree shows: on now
More mall for J’ville
No fly zone
Rate your blog
Mauled Mall – bus route
Architecture awards night
Cuba vs Manners

December 2008:
Jorn Utzon
Seaside cities : rising waters
Hook of the Fish
Swan Lane : people park
Threats to waywardness
Stout barricade
Wellington goes high tech
What’s the urgency?
Boiling blood
Gone Fishing

So: that was our first year in print. We were fairly exhausted after that – had a wee break – and came back in 2009

Jan 2009:
At the beach
The year ahead
On the buses
Grand Designs
Big Day Out
Century City Ho

February 2009:
Windows to the world
Indoor Sports Centre
Stimulus package
Little fishes swim upstream
Honey pot
Blow me away
It’s Showtime!
Dark waters
Transit’s tasteless menu
Puni accommodation
For Shortness

March 2009:
Arch Centre Competition
Man the Mall
Recession – pah! Ride a bike instead
Next top model
Supreme omelette
Big fish
Rongotai revived
National architecture

April 2009:
News flash: Stadium site it is
Memorial Parkway
Human Tetris
Inhabited bridges
Call the Commissioner
Te Ika a Maui
Green Man
National Library

May 2009:
Best busker
Taxing Behemoth
GBH and the DBH
Motorway fever
Tunnel vision
On the waterfront

June 2009:
Manners closes but what will open?
Lucky Break
State of Play
OPT all GO for APT
Thorndon Tavern : Thai Takeaway
Terrible design
Crusher Collins cracks Containerisation
Harbour Cities

July 2009:
sNo Dome
Harbour Cycling
Rubbish on TV
More Nautica
Outer-T Competition announced
Underground Wellington
Affordable Housing
Home size
Fush and CHUP

August 2009:
Fishing the Basin
Monument Mondrian
Project Rugby
Newlands Community Centre
Mad on Manners
Tram Stop
Why does National hate Trees?

September 2009:
Wellington Super City
Harbour Capital
Taking the Pissoir
Fat Lady Singing?
Shared Pictures: Shared Spaces
Are Apartments our Green Shoots?
Fashion: Weak
All Mall

October 2009:
Tattoo You Too
Tee Total
South Coast Surfs Up
From Right House to Drawing Board
Leaky Leushke
Telecom digs in
Telecom wiggles in
the 5th Scenario
The Weeks Ahead
Moore Wilson

November 2009:
Auckland Farce
Loyalty Beyond Reason
Variation 11 to go ahead?
Surf’s Up Too
Urban Eye
Bob’s back
Rotten, rotting, leaking
Chocolate Fish
Where’s my jetpack?

December 2009:
Cobblestone Rex
Changes to Manners Mall and Cuba St confirmed
Trannie Gully
Togs, Togs, Undies

And then, just like that, we had finished with 2009.
It is a fairly exhausting pastime, blogging (hopefully, intelligently) every week. Takes up quite a bit of your time.
We thought we might have to stop.
But then, it seems, we went on to our third year of Urban blogging, perhaps at a slightly slower pace….
Here is 2010

January 2010:
Big Willie in Town
Scaffold’s Off
Supreme Pacifika

February 2010:
this post here was just simply called i
Liberating Everyday Life
Stark reminder
Carnivals and Festivals

March 2010:
Earthquakes and Tsunamis
Variation 11
Polychromatic cutie
Supercilious City: Pods Cast
Air Eire ‘Ere
Advertising Nothing
Leaky Building Syndrome
Parnell Rising and Falling

April 2010: and starting off on 1st April, we had a story that no one really fell for…
New City Architect appointed
Eye round-up the sheep
The Politics of Architecture
Seriously ugly?
Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go
ANZAC Memorial

May 2010
Calamity Jane
Thai me down
Is the Profession of Architecture Corrupt? Well, is it?
Ironbank gets Gold rank
Lucky leaky?
On the waterfront
Sporting Arena
Airport Rocks on

June 2010:
Rocky road for Cuba Carni
CML building
Foreshore, for sure
Mind your Manners
Telecom bricks
Living on water, building on Foreshore
Tall Jetsons towers

July 2010:
Shed your coat / Coat your Shed
Apartments Dead
Where did I stick my Stadium?
Indoor Stadium options

August 2010:
Mayor Kerry speaks
Heritage Schmeritage
The Tonight Show
The Syntax of Wellington Political Space
The Syntax of Public Transport
Whither Johnsonville
Andy Foster writes
Helene Ritchie writes
Fish Fetish

September 2010:
Aussie thunder
Grand Urban Rules
Quake: Close Call
Heritage Questions
Heritage ideas
Central Park upgrade
Who to vote for?
Stadium Roof South
Fountains for Wellington
Stadium Roof East

October 2010:
No Post today
Bank on Brown
And the Winner is… Archaus
Red-head Green Wade-Brown gets Gold
The soil we stand on
John Wilson of Roseneath
Rocky for sure
A Gesture to Melbourne

November 2010:
Exhibition time
Tattoo to tango
Parade of Homes
Chow leaves bad taste
Bus Lane

December 2010:
Revolution starts here
Why did the chicken…?
Christmas apples
Old and New

And then that, was that. 2010 complete, and the team fairly well worn out.
Three solid years of urban blogging, with nearly 300 posts, over 4200 comments, and thankfully stopping over 14,000 spam.
Then, hooray, minimus joined us and started posting in 2011.

January 2011:
I’ve changed my mind about light rail

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