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Seeing as the WCC and the NZTA seem to want us (the public) to be discussing possible alternatives and pros / cons of the Cycling Masterplan, I thought that I might, as a starter for 10, offer up a little alternative. To me, the info provided by Strava is insightful, especially concerning where cyclists ARE currently actually going. I’m a weekend cyclist at best, taking it…

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The government took a (in my humble opinion) well overdue leap last night, and announced some decent funding for urban cycleways. Wellington, having at last got its act together, was included. More on this later, but for now, here is the official announcement: “In 2014, the Prime Minister announced $100 million additional funding for the Urban Cycleways Programme. This is designed to take full advantage of…

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Councilor Andy Foster writes: “A recent article asked ‘why isn’t there more evidence of progress for cycling under a green mayor’ ? Questions were also asked about how this all fits with transport overall. (Note: Photos sourced by Maximus, unless Clr Foster wants to send in alternatives…) So let’s start with cycling. As WCC Transport Leader from 2007-09 I led development of the City’s first ever…