Well, my abilities at prediction are evidently way off the mark – as noted in the previous post, the Board of Inquiry have returned their verdict, and the result is an (almost) resounding defeat for the proponents of the Flyover – the Resource Consent is declined.

I’m delighted to have been shown to be so stupidly wrong in that the Board would rubber-stamp the Flyover application – instead, in a 572 page document issued today, the decision has been to say NO to the flyover. Not unanimously however – while three of the Board agreed, one member disagreed, and the comments that McMahon makes on this shows how close the decision is / was / may still be. It is not necessarily over yet…

Already, of course, the idiots who post on Stuff without thinking are getting their ill-informed comments in:

KaingaGoodnight Wellington. Might as well scrub the plans for the runway extension too before you turn off the lights-

Louis 57what a load of rubbish! A few busybodies in Wellington decide to snarl traffic for decades to come. Wellington would not be a great city without the support of the entire country. It is NOT up to just the people who live in the city. Stupid decision!

sue62Poor decision by are farcical Board – I will be surprised if those responsible for running this 4 month long and expensive circus will get another commission. This is up there, along with declining the Hilton on the wharf, as bad decisions for Wellington.

and a reply to that from: Tough Kiwiof course they will mate, it’s just what wade brown wants just another bunch of pathetic yes men while she builds the city of her dreams, all bikes and no cars, industry, jobs. Funny how a greenie has put in so many traffic lights and controls to slow traffic down and allow cyclist (who pay nothing for the road they ride on), now it takes ten minutes longer to travel from the terrace to Courtney place, lets see 10 min * 85000 cars a day that’s about how many extra litres of fumes pumping into the atmosphere, the mind boggles.

Luckily, not all the comments are as stupid and ill-informed as those. Perhaps, in the words of David Lange, its time for a sit-down and a cup of tea. Perhaps NZTA can take a few deep breaths, ignore that itch to go back to court over this, and sit down and do some decent planning, and decent thinking, about what they do next.