I’d love to have a real life conversation with Luxo right now – to see if he is regretting his decision to get into bed with his fellow Cerberus heads. New Zealand is now absolutely a shit-show, and if we really wanted a Government to destroy everything, then this is the right one. Funny though, I don’t recall the Dalek phrase being employed at all during the campaign, but it sure is being echoed up and down the streets now. So, what have we got?

How are dem three heads working out then Luxo ?

Police officers leaving in droves, to Australia – more pay, more sun, less crime, because the crims have all been sent home here by now.

Nurses have already left, Health system is in tatters. Trans-Tasman movers are booked out solid for months into the future. Doctors all retired to the coast some time ago. Only replacements we can get are from India, but the immigration department won’t approve the visas for Indians, so they are all working as Uber drivers instead. Great strategy, sure to fail – every day!

Evil overlord of the mindless destroyers !

MBIE lays off 600 people in a day – or was it more? I know a lot of them are useless no-hopers, but what I worry about is that they are the ones that are staying behind. And that if there were ever any good, competent staff there, they have now moved on (to retirement). Are there ANY architects left there? Or is it all 14 year old schoolboys in short pants?

School boy in charge of the Hot Wheels

DoC lays off 130 people, which is about half their entire staff!!?!! Jesus, we may as well just go out and kill all the flightless birds ourselves right now, save ourselves the wait. Shoot a kakapo today! Have a takahe for tea, everyone! Bag yourself a Real Kiwi !

Building companies going to the wall every single day – and this in our time of greatest need.

Big Thumb says No More Civil Servants

Kāinga Ora being told to stop planning ahead and buying land.

Kāinga Ora planning ahead anyway and importing Vietnamese prefabs as fast as possible, but now the crunch is coming because the Minister for Stupidity has sold the land off anyway. Leave the prefabs rotting in a field somewhere in South Auckland. .

Chief Hologram Officer himself

Another headline today that Chief Hologram himself, has said he wants to sack all the Senior Civil Servants (earning too much) and just run the place on half the amount of young ones. Bound to be a huge success. Isn’t that the reason why Fletcher Building forgot how to build things, and decided to just burn everything to the ground instead?

What else have I missed?