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If you’ve been trying to get hold of your Structural Engineer this week in Wellington, you’ll probably have noticed they’re not returning calls. There’s urgent work in Christchurch, and it seems that the whole lot of them have decamped for the week to go down and inspect buildings. Even the Council has sent Building Inspectors and Consent processing officials south to help. I’m not sure that…

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Disappointingly, discussion about Mayor Kerry’s first salvo into the next local body campaign seems to have dried up already. We can still keep on having that conversation – but in the mean time – just what exactly is going on with heritage at the moment? There’s something rather odd going on, and I really don’t quite understand it. Firstly, the government decides to effectively emasculate the…

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People power rules. Or so it seems today – if the paper is right, then the Maranui may be about to be saved. We discussed the 5th Scenario here, with some reasonably heated dialogue, but it sounds as though a sensible agreement has been reached. Under a deal announced today, the club gets ownership of the building, along with $350,000 of ratepayers’ money toward repairs, and…