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I’m confused – and I think that Wellington City Council might be a little confused as well. We have a great little capital down here at the end of the motu, which is growing at a steady rate. Those extra people and extra houses need to go somewhere, that’s for sure, but surely the “where” is as important as the “what”. We’ve got additional extra apartment…

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News from the WCC this week, was that they have allocated $500,000 in funding for works towards seismic strengthening of heritage buildings, via the Built Heritage Incentive Fund. “The BHIF supports owners with the conservation and seismic strengthening of heritage buildings. This project combines with a number of others to support our resilience and environmental objectives, which we are currently encouraging public feedback on. Based on…

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Is this real consultation, or is this just another sham? That’s the question you have to ask yourself, on the NZTA’s/WCC’s/GWRC’s Get Welly Moving website, purporting to be asking Wellingtonians exactly what they want on the transport for the region and the city. Why are they asking this? What will they do with the answers they receive? What if the answers give them an answer that…