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The south wind blows strong at the Wellington Airport: nowhere more so than in the architect’s eye. This scheme was sprung on us a year or so ago, with dramatic renderings of a radically leaning building as the new airport control tower. A certain amount of artistic license is expected in the architect’s image supplied, but the sight that is now reaching high into the sky…

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Following on, in a timely sort of manner, and because the Wellington wind has gone away and left us with some perfect walking / swimming / photo-taking weather, I thought it would be nice to have a look at the roof of the new Indoor Sports Stadium in Wellington. Most of you will have been sweeping past in your fast little cars, getting a sneaky sideways…

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There’s something arising in the Eastern block, and it’s not the russians. Tall, concrete columns, marching in a slow symbolic circle, firmly upright, tasteful grey – it could only be the new Eastern Sporting Arena. Despite the misgivings of the Fish, we’ve grown resigned to the fact that it is here in Rongotai, and it appears to be going great guns. Even from this very early…

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A local community pressure group, Rongotai Revived, has been set up to counter the proposed Wellington City Council proposal to limit the growth and zoning of ‘big-box’ bulk retail shopping. There have been a number of community pressure groups over the years – Waterfront Watch being amongst the more successful in recent years, but others include the Mount Victoria Preservation League, the Oriental Bay Rich People’s…