There’s something arising in the Eastern block, and it’s not the russians. Tall, concrete columns, marching in a slow symbolic circle, firmly upright, tasteful grey – it could only be the new Eastern Sporting Arena. Despite the misgivings of the Fish, we’ve grown resigned to the fact that it is here in Rongotai, and it appears to be going great guns. Even from this very early photo, you can start to get an idea of what a big part this is going to play in the architecture of the Eastern suburbs – well, perhaps almost the only piece of architecture here….

So far, we’re holding our breath and biting our tongue (Fish are good at doing that). Mind you, there is an awful lot of digging that needs to be done here, and the earth movers are having a field day. This building must be so close to the water table (and probably below it in the basements) that if we get a high tide it’ll pop up and sail away. Well, hopefully not. More progress shots as it happens….

Of course, there is another piece of interesting architecture going up nearby, although curiously no one has mentioned it yet. Too early?