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Since Scoop posted a top-secret document online, via Peter Dunn, I’ve been trying to make sense of what NZTA and the Mayors of our cities, are up to. In the end, i figured that the only way I could make sense of the discussion was to make my own maps. The lack of coordinated and articulate maps from NZTA is either deliberate, or by accident. If…

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Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. On the advice of a commenter on the blog recently – thanks Mike! I went out with a couple of the other Fish, to the NZTA “open day” at Tawa / Linden, to see what they were presenting. First up, I’ve gotta say, good on them for fronting up and having the discussions. Better to have discussions now,…

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The Hutt is an extraordinary place when you think about it. An alien settlement on a far corner of the earth. Started by Colonel Edward Gibbon Wakefield, a chap not entirely free from avarice, under the guise of the New Zealand Company. A grand idea for settlement when you think about it, pushing the British Government’s hand into doing something it did not plan to do….

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I’m unsure about this. Is it right? Is it in the right place? Is it the right building in the right place? So many questions, so few answers. The architects / architectural designers are Design Club, and there are refererences to local pa in the palisading, local tukutuku weaving in the cladding, and a ships mast in the flagpole structure on the roof. It’s loaded down…