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Today’s post is a special one, contributed by regular reader Starkive By 1972 New Zealanders were questioning the environmental impact of humans and their engineering. A plan to further raise Lake Manapouri – already flooded for Comalco power – triggered a national reaction. The proposed extra dams were damned by hundreds of thousands of petitioners. An advertising jingle for fibreglass batts went to Number 1 on…

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So today Transmission Gully was opened – blessed, ribbon cut, journos let through, and a few selected souls have had access. Tomorrow, it opens to the public, as Te Ara Nui o Te Rangihaeata, or the Big Pathway of Rangihaeata (Te Rauparaha’s nephew). No doubt he would feel honoured to have such a beast of a road named after him – and probably also a little shocked…

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As a slight aside from the investigation into Transmission Gully and it’s dubiously planned Link roads, I thought I would go back in time. Back, indeed, to the time of Bill Sutch, back in time to even before the current Wellington Foothills motorway was built. Long time ago, I know. Sutch, a clever man, an economist, was once labelled as a communist by the powers-that-be, and…

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There’s a small town some hour or so north of Wellington, by commercial jet, called Auckland. Small town, big suburbs, not much of a city. Normally they don’t make it onto the Eye of the Fish web cam, but then again, they have 2 harbours whereas we just have one, and that makes my tiny flippers quiver. The news for Auckland today means I feel for…