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At long last, it seems that a resolution has been reached on the Island Bay Cycleway. The Working Party, a coalition of local residents, local businesses, and Council representatives, lead by Labour deputy Mayor and local Councillor Paul Eagle, has come up with a plan to finalise and resolve the somewhat controversial Island Bay Cycleway scheme. The project has been mired in controversy from the first…

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There is something about Erskine College that gets everyone going. It’s gothic, it’s iconic, and it certainly looks haunted, but the architecture and the site stir everyone’s imagination. PJ used it for one of his first big films The Frighteners, and for years it was the home of the Learning Connexxion where you could go for classes in painting, sculpture, and probably rhythmic interpretive dance. While…

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Here at Eye of the Fish, we have written about cars before. We have written about trains before. We have written, in fact, about all sorts of transport before. We have even written about buildings before. But the one mode of transport that we have never really set sail on before, is the humble bicycle. You see, it’s an emotive subject – I have no idea…

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In a week like this, with memorials of the Japanese quake and tsunami, it’s interesting to see how they are coping – better than us Kiwis it seems. They seem to be able to move on from the past better than we can – despite the much older average age of the Japanese compared to us. Perhaps it is something to do with the Shinto religion…