Something has passed the desk of the Eye of the Fish, and I thought that maybe I would pass it on to you as a wider audience. It is a survey regarding the protection of heritage buildings, being undertaken by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage. It is not on their website however – its a very targeted exclusive survey aimed at stakeholders – i.e. organisations involved in managing and protecting heritage buildings. Obviously the Eye of the Fish is not a cultural heritage ministry but we do have friends in high places, so a copy was slipped our way. As part of that consulting process then, I’m keen to see if there are any comments out there from our erudite and sometimes vocal readership – do you have any views or feelings about NZ’s protection of heritage buildings? Too much? Not enough? Should it be privately funded? Public better or worse? Listing procedure is adequate? Or not? Incentives adequate? Or not? etc.

Probably the most important thing you could answer, if you want, is the following question, number 33:
“What are the most important issues that need to be addressed within New Zealand’s system for recognising and protecting heritage buildings?”

Answers welcome below please.

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