Here at the Fish, we’re all for intersections between architecture and the digital — especially when these take place outside of the blogosphere. Luckily, a few of these intersections have cropped up recently, complete with video footage:

The finale to New Zealand’s web-industry Onya awards: an epic sequence that was projected onto the interior of the Town Hall.
Visuals by Bruce Ferguson, Mike Boyce, Chris MacMillan and Shaun Madgwick. Sound by Module.

Although McCall’s work is much slower-paced than the previous piece, it is definitely worth a look. Check out the video, and be sure to drop by the Adam Art Gallery sometime before April 25th.

Although this hardly qualifies as local, this interactive installation was projected onto the Auckland Ferry Building.
A collaboration between YesYesNo, The Church, Inside Out Productions and Electric Canvas.

Also in Auckland, the War Memorial Museum has been outfitted with a comprehensive LED lighting system.