Just a wee pause here, for a week or two, for a couple of reasons:

A, I’m busy right now and haven’t got a spare brain cell to write anything intelligent (some of you may say that is no change from usual), and:

B, we’re under attack from Russian Spambots. No, I’m not being paranoid – I know they are Russian because their content is sometimes in Russian, their email address ends in dot ru, and because they are offering me the sort of thing that only the most shameless Russian would think is physically possible. Instead of our usual 20-30 spam per day, we’ve just had 368 spam flood in over the last couple of days – all caught and dispensed to an electronic Gulag.

We’ll be back again in a week or so, I hope, with less spam attacks. To those weak-minded idiots out there who think that there is no such thing as Russian spam, you’re wrong. It is very real. I just can’t figure out it’s purpose: nothing gets through. Boring. Go away.

Back soon. Levi.

Post-script: Bloody Russian spam is now sending us pages of text from a medical encyclopedia. I mean, what the heck is the point in that? (Note: screen-grab picture only, it can’t harm you).